The Greatest Showman Open Air Cinema

If you know me then you know my love for The Greatest Showman film. This is the girl who paid to see it in the cinema at least 4 times - I am obsessed, I know! I would say before this open air experience, I had seen the film around 8 times?! When the opportunity to see it again arose obviously I jumped at the chance. Funnily enough this opportunity to go see it again did not come from me. My best friends mum - basically my second mum - tagged me, my mum and best friend in a comment on Facebook of the event but at a different location. As you can imagine my initial reaction was like yes yes yes lets go. Unfortunately, when it came round to us getting tickets it had sold out at the venue so then the hunt to find somewhere else started and we then hit jackpot - Coventry Cathedral became our jackpot and the excitement kicked in.

abbwhi the greatest showman

If you are from the UK you will know we have been experiencing the hottest period we have experienced in a long time and it was just my luck that on the day we were going to see the show it was forecast rain. Thankfully when the day came and it got to the time of the show it was not raining and it was actually glorious. 

abbwhi the greatest showman

Let's discuss the actual experience. There were different options when it came to tickets, with some being to have deckchairs or beanbags, or to bring your own seating which was what we opted for. Doors opened at 7:30pm which funnily enough we originally thought was the start of the show - jokes on us, it ended up being a late night as the film started at 9:30pm. The thing is, we ended up making the most of this time and doing the most me thing ever, eating. We made a picnic, had prosecco and it was the nicest thing ever. We made it last a good 2 hours and it was a brilliant 2 hours filled with breads, meats, chocolate covered strawberries, lemon cake and drink.  There was also a bar set up which did not only accept cash but also card which I was dead chuffed about, they served alcohol, soft drinks as well as teas and coffees (which we did have after the prosecco because we live crazy, wild lives)The actual film was obviously insane, I sang along to every song (even though I can't sing) and it was so cute because everyone kept clapping after every song as though we were having a live performance and I obviously joined in. I actually felt as though it was a weird experience because for some reason I almost imagined that we didn't have these kind of options for events in the UK, I feel as though it is an American type of thing? It felt like a cute, dreamy kind of experience that you see on Pinterest and that YouTubers do?!

abbwhi the greatest showman

I want to turn around and say I think it is one of the best musicals that's been released in a while but I feel like I will get hate for that (I mean I've kind of just said it anyway...). This also will not be the last time I see the film. 

If you have ever done anything like this let me know?! ALSO, did you like the film? Have you seen it? Lets discuss! 

Much love 

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