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Most of us girls have that time in the month that we hate - or at least dread. For me, that time of the month includes feeling bloated, having a breakout, my emotions being everywhere and the constant need and want to eat all food in sight. I have heard multiple times that there are now subscription boxes available for these times. I was always so excited about this idea so when I got put in contact with Pink Parcel I could not accept the offer to review one of their parcels quick enough - I was not expecting what was included in one of their boxes and it actually caters for everything through your week-long visitor.

abbwhi Pink Parcel

The box includes three different sections 'For Now', 'For Night' and 'For Later' all include different items for different times. My personal favourite is most definitely the 'For Me' section because it includes food (typical Abbie) - it also includes skincare which is a plus because like I mentioned, my skin suffers throughout this week. This months edition was called 'The Glow Edit' which is right up my street because as an oily mess of a girl, glow is my day to day look by default. In the 'For Now' section there is a range of different brands including We Are Tea, Joe & Seph's, Balance Me, Magnitude, Mudmasky and Jelly Pong Pong. I have never tried any of these brands before so I am super excited to try them out and see how they help in my time of need - since I opened the box my mouth has been watering at the site of the Joe & Seph's popcorn. 

abbwhi Pink Parcel

In the 'For Later' section there is a collection of tampons for when the serious part of your monthly visitor arrives. Whereas, in the 'For Night' section it is filled with sanitary towels for through the night, as tampons are not 'the one' for at night. 

abbwhi Pink Parcel

There was another section too, which is my second favourite as it is in a cute little pouch which is perfect for putting in your handbag to keep all of your essentials in one place. In the pouch there is a mixture of tampons and pads depending on your personal preference and the day of your visitor. 

abbwhi Pink Parcel

Overall, I think this whole concept is such an incredible idea and definitely something so many of us girls would appreciate. I think my favourite part is that you can pick which day your monthly subscription arrives so you can time it to when you need it the most. You are also able to personalise it to YOU - you can choose your favourite period essentials and choose the absorbency you require, so it is literally right for everything you need! A monthly subscription costs you £12.99, including free delivery, which when you think about the cost of sanitary towels and tampons anyway, that is a bargain and you get bits for YOU too! The people at Pink Parcel kindly gave me a code for your first month too so you can get some money off, just pop code PP20 in at checkout! Something I do truly admire is that if for any reason you did not get on with your box or there were issues, if you made the decision to return the box then the products would go to those who need it at many different charities! I truly wish I had known about this box sooner as I would get so excited when it turned up when I was in such a funk - at least I could conquer all my monthly struggles with face masks, special teas, flavoured popcorns and have the supplies I need to get through my week! It is such a good idea! 

Have you ever tried any period subscription boxes?

Much love 


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