Love Island 2018 - Pt 2

Okay so this is going to be a different kind of Love Island post than the previous because the recent events have definitely made me think that's for sure. I mean if you are an avid Twitter user you will know that it is all kicking off. 

abbwhi love island

I'll start with an updated thoughts on the couples as well as discussing my new favourites - lets be honest my favourite will forever be Dani and Jack because they are quite literally #couplegoals - they also told each other they love each other and believe me I got emotional then too. Whereas Megan and Josh are right at the bottom of any kind of list because as the people on Twitter say, they are 'in the bin'. Right brisk overview, lets go - Samira's new guy Frankie, do not trust him - Ellie's new relationship with Charlie, I like them I think they are cute - Laura and her new guy Jack, I think they are alright actually and I'm not the biggest fan of Laura - Alex and his new girl Grace, personally I thought he would of gone for Charlie as I thought they were better suited but I am still holding home for him - Adam and Darylle, now this was something I should say I was expecting but I was actually a little shocked, she seems different to Kendell, Rosie and Zara but I mean it's Adam so we shouldn't be surprised - Josh and his new thing Kaz, now this is why Josh should now 'get in the bin' because he broke Georgia's heart, so I am not about this one - Sam and new girl Ellie, firstly I was massively apprehensive as she was Jack's ex and I thought she was going to destroy our king and queen but she seems to like Sam, so I am holding out for a peaceful ride. 

Let's discuss the important things that have happened that have made me think because it is driving me crazy. Wes and his ability to jump ship from Laura to Megan when he was selling her this fairytale story made me question men even further and I did not think this was possible. To make matters worse the same situation happened with Josh as he jumped ship in a day, after something that had been building for over 3 weeks; bare in mind he was reassuring Georgia and selling so many dreams about their future and in less than a day jumped to someone else. I will admit, I balled like a baby at the #Jani reunion as well as Georgia getting her heart well and truly broken by someone she stuck by and worried about for their 3 days apart. She honestly deserves a medal because she handled the whole situation like an absolute boss; there was a specific moment where you could quite literally see her get her heart broken, turn around and pull herself together in less than 30 seconds - she was an absolute queen. I feel like there also has to be some praise towards Georgia and Dani's friendship because that is absolutely priceless, they are literally each others biggest cheerleaders. 

abbwhi love island

It is fair to say that I did not have much trust in men before Love Island and it is definitely safe to say that my faith has not been restored so far - except #Jani because they are absolute goals. I do not understand how someone can sell someone, they supposedly care about, a load of rubbish about their future and how much they mean to them and then go and sack it off for someone that they don't even know or haven't got to know. This is literally what has happened multiple times in this show from both men and women, I mean Megan is worse than all of the lads put together in my personal opinion, I could not even tell you the number of lads she is on right now - by the time this post goes up she will probably of added 2 more to the list at a minimum.  

The sad thing is we are all praising and jumping for joy at Dani and Jack and their relationship and how perfect they are. Yet, why does this seem something special and rare? Surely, the fact they are loyal and trusting of each other should be normal? I think it voices a lot about society nowadays, which is extremely sad. No wonder people of this day and age have trust issues and find getting close to people difficult, when unfortunately what is happening in the villa is an accurate representation of dating in society today; this is why I am staying well clear of men because I could not be dealing with this stress.

abbwhi love island

This post may have been quite literally a severe case of word vomit but these are literally the thoughts that have been going around my head after the episodes because I just think it is so wrong.

What are you thoughts?

Much love 


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  1. I think Jack and Dani have been so true to eachother, but the way Wes treated Laura was sick and does just show how misleading people can be. Megan generally just disgusts me, I can't stand the girl. Great post


    1. i could literally talk about Love Island all day everyday! Yes, I totally agree girl, they have been so honest and that is why they work because they talk through everything! Yes, Wes, Josh and Megan can all get in the bin! x