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Can we firstly please reassure me, I am not the only persons who's makeup collection never stops growing? You can never have enough makeup right?! According to my Mum, I need to stop buying makeup. I think it is fair to say that is never going to happen. I am one to test and try new makeup all the time because I just love it, so therefore in this post lets talk about my new favourites!

abbwhi levis

First and foremost, I have tried a lot of different foundations from L.A. Girl, Milani, Maybelline, Rimmel all sorts and I have actually recently fell back in love with a classic one from Collection! I have loved the lasting perfection concealer for years so when I saw the foundation I had to give it a go - it did not disappoint. One of the perks of this foundation is that it has SPF in it and it is oil free; which is brilliant for this very, very oily ass girl!  It does claim to be a 6-in-1 - primes, conceals, covers, smooths, protects and mattifies - but like all foundations I do still prime, conceal and all the rest and it works insanely well. It is a matte finish but with my skin, nothing stays matte for long (it is an issue, i know!). 

abbwhi charlotte tilbury

Okay so, I have had this next product for about a year and still absolutely love it; I have actually been using it more recently than I did before. The Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette, is doing all sorts for me currently. I will say I never used to wear blusher at all and this palette brought it into my daily routine and I regret nothing! I will say, I definitely use the bronzer, blusher in shade 'swish' and 'eye enhance' shade the most out of the whole palette but I have used all of the shades in the palette and love them all. I actually love the whole concept of the palette and the fact it has everything you need in there, it is just so practical and compact! 

abbwhi levis

The final products I want to mention in this post are the Rimmel Wonder'swipe eyeliners! I currently have these in 3 different shades but I am definitely going to have to buy the whole collection. They are insane and the amount of compliments I have received about them, people cannot believe they are drugstore products! You can either wear them as eyeliners or blend them to shadows - I like to think the are almost dupes of the Stila liquid eyeshadows! 

abbwhi beauty

These are just a few of my favourites, as I could go on forever but you can find other products I love mentioned in previous posts!

Tell me your favourites because like I say, I love testing new makeup! 

Much love 


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