Bringing pink lemonade into your home*

Pink lemonade is becoming more popular all the time, as bringing pink into food and drinks seems to be the new in thing - including a personal favourite, Pink Gin (yum!). With this in mind, when I was put into contact with the lovely people at A Pony Called Steve - initial thoughts were definitely around how intriguing the name was - I took a look at their website and was instantly drawn to the Pink Lemonade collection. There were so many different scents and I definitely could of taken everything, some of them were Parma Violets, Pear Drops, Mojito, Green Opal Fruits and Honeyed Raspberry. They do travel sets too which sounds even more perfect because everything looks so much cuter in mini form! They all sounded so lovely and delicious, I mean I definitely would of tasted them if it was advised (I wouldn't advise it) so deciding which one to go for was definitely a hard choice but Pink Lemonade just seems perfect for summer. 

Let's talk products - I have a bit of an obsession with smelly things like candles, defusers and all things like that so obviously the candle was a must for me. My candle obsession is a little out of hand, I have candles everywhere and I physically cannot burn them all quick enough but that will not stop me from adding to the collection - it is getting out of hand I am fully aware. With that being said, I did burn this one a little for this post and it smells delightful! It smells so so good and isn't too overpowering either which I am always a little apprehensive about with the scented candles but it is so perfect for this time of year; I sometimes forget you can burn candles all year round as they definitely do add that cosy aspect in the colder months but this one totally works right now! 

I am also a sucker for anything that can be incorporated into my bath, soaps, bath bombs, fizzers, anything! Therefore, along with my candle I chose the pink lemonade soap! Once again, smells insane and what I did love was yes, you do smell like pink lemonade after but it isn't massively overpowering on your skin either. Something that does always pose a slight worry is that my skin can be a little sensitive to certain products but this one did not irritate my skin at all and did leave it super smooth. 

One thing I cannot get over with these products is the packaging it is so so so cute! Also, the range of scents is definitely calling my name to try more. If you want to try some, here is a link to the website if you do try any, please tell me what you choose and help me choose more too!(Also get some money off - use abbwhi10!)

Much love 

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