This Morning Live

Who doesn't love Phil and Holly? They are literally an iconic duo - I'm sure we have all cry-laughed at/with them both at some point, so naturally I jumped at the chance of seeing them in person. 

On the 18th May, I decided to grab some tickets for This Morning Live for my mums birthday as I know she is an avid watcher of the show. I also noticed there was going to be a Dorothy Perkins stand at the show and there was a selection of brands as well as Gok being there - my mum likes to say she needs 'fashion advice' and loves a bit of DP so this seemed perfect. I got us Silver admission, did not really understand what this meant but it was what we got.  

Abbwhi This Morning Live

It was an event like nothing I had ever been to before. I have never done the clothes show or anything like that before - the only thing I had to relate to was Move It, which is a dance convention in London. It turns out This Morning Live was literally the same as Move It but instead of dance clothes and college stores they were clothing, teeth whitening and beauty stalls with the most insane food section EVER!; which if you have been following my instagram you would know I am obsessed with. 

The day started with a trip to one of the three stages where Rylan and Gok were showing us how to dress for the summer, incase we had any special events on like Race Days, etc. It is fair to say that even though my snapchat and instagram story is normally full of me with no make up on and in loungewear or an adidas tracksuit, I WISH my life could be full of me being a girl boss in a two piece suit and heels all the time - the Gok and Rylan live fashion show made this urge worse and I am still dying to be all formal and in heels!

Abbwhi This Morning Live

The event made all shopping needs much worse as I was dying to buy pretty much everything; mostly because the aesthetic of the stalls was out of this world! Oasis, had a hippy-van as the stall with pink old-school bikes outside decorating open rails of clothes. How could you avoid having a snoop around all the clothes when the places looked this cute? Some stalls were also giving out freebies, which everyone loves, when I got home and had a look through the cute little tote bag, I had been given some sample sized skincare products as well as a full sized St. Tropez tan

It wasn't just clothing stalls either, there were beauty, skincare and lifestyle stalls too with further displays out of this world! One of my personal favourites had to be the Bomb Cosmetics stalls, there was literally a wall of bath bombs. Bomb Cosmetics is now one of the brands I love, mainly for the fact that one of our very own girls, Alice from BlackTulipBeauty had her own bath bomb released with the brand; I reiterated this many times to my mum at the event. 

Abbwhi This Morning Live

Next stop - FOOD TIME! My ultimate, favourite thing in the world. The first food stop of the day a cute little cafe 'sort of' stall, where it was coffee's and lemon drizzle cake all round. The prices of food and drink there was a little overpriced but it was expected due to the nature of the event but the lemon drizzle cake was delicious! Our next food/drink stop was the cutest coffee and hot chocolate stall, I had a honeycomb latte and my mum had a black forest one, both of which looked insane and utterly mouthwatering - they tasted exactly the same! 

Abbwhi This Morning Live

There was one extremely upsetting part of the day. There was a van there that was partnered with GoogleHome and it was selling mini donuts. This probably sounds like a good thing, except the queue for it was extremely long all day meaning I was not able to get any donuts!

Abbwhi This Morning Live

This was not the only food section, there was a whole street food section where all food was served from food trucks! There were ones that served pancakes, crepes and donuts and others that served chips, hog roasts and all sorts! The choice was slightly overwhelming in all honesty, I didn't know where to turn. My sister had some chips and they came in a little tub with red and white chequered paper and for some reason, I was really getting New York vibes from it. 

Abbwhi This Morning Live

Along with walking round and getting endless amounts of food, there were stalls selling alcohol and giving out freebies - flavoured gin was flying round all day. 

The day was not only for us 2 legged individuals but there were stalls there for dogs too! There was the opportunity to sponsor guide dogs as well as talk to individuals about different foods for our four legged friends. 

Overall, the day was a huge success and it ended with lots of laughter around the stage with the whole cast of this morning including that iconic duo, who are as funny in person as they are on the TV. My mum had a lovely day and it will definitely be one to remember. 

Have you ever been to an event like this?

Much love 

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  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous day! It is for sure an event I will look out for next year!

  2. I didn’t even know this was a thing - I knew you could go and see This Morning but I had no idea they had a whole clothing/skincare bit and a food stall! I would have been all over the food stall as I love food festivals haha. Gutted you couldn’t get donuts! And honeycomb latte sounds amazing to be honest. I’m glad you had a lovely day with your mom x

    Alice |

  3. Ahh I loved this post! I watch This Morning all the time and seen on their show that they did this. I'd have loved to have gone, sounds like a great day!


  4. Ah sounds like such a great event - this is lovely and loving all your photos too, glad you had such a fun time!! :)

    Layla x