Podcasts I'm Loving.

I have finally delved into the world of podcasts and I am obsessed. If you know me then you know YouTube is my life and I spend every second of every day watching new YouTube videos, mainly because it is great backing noise when you are just getting on with your day - with this in mind I decided to test out podcasts because most of the time I wasn't watching the videos but just listening to them. Well, there are so many I am loving and I cannot wait to share them with you, in this post we are going to discuss some of the ones that are my favourites - maybe by the end of this post you will delve into the podcast world too. I'll admit my favourite time to listen to podcasts is when I am driving on my own because it is people talking and it makes it seem as though you have company and they are having the conversation with you - this does mean you may have to stop listening to The Greatest Showman to test out podcasts but it is worth it, I promise. The great thing about podcasts is, like YouTube and blogs there are literally podcasts about anything, so there really is one out there for everyone.  


Lets delve into my list - 

- Don't Blame Me - Meghan Rienks - This was the first podcast I had ever listened to and ironically I didn't listen to it on the podcast, I used to watch the YouTube videos she would upload of the podcast. I then decided it was time to download the podcasts and in true Abbie style went and re-listened to all of them because you will never get bored of her. She is the funniest person in the world and I actually discovered her through her appearances on BeautyBreak on Clevver. I love the podcast because she gets guests on there each episode and they have people leave them answer phone messages with their problems and they give advice and then tell their own stories too and with her humour it is just brilliant because she is SO real. She is genuinely someone I could imagine being friends with because she just seems brilliant! 

- At Home With... - Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton - If you want a nosey into peoples homes then this is the perfect podcast for you. They did an episode with Zoella and she was the final of season 1 (they have also revealed they are coming back with season 2!) we got a delve into the interior of her home as well as the stories behind her success in all aspects of her life. During this podcast I have never been able to envision a room as well as I could through this, hearing rooms and textures described is something you never really imagine but it was magical - if you love interior, you will love this one! I think something I loved about this was how there were two people almost interviewing one person, this may sound silly but it almost gave a different aspect to the podcast because you had two different types of questions and responses to situations, which almost made it feel even more like I was involved in the conversation. 

- Shane and Friends - Shane Dawson - Ah so Shane has been one of my favourite YouTubers for what feels like forever, he is literally one of the funniest people on the planet. With this being said, I have only recently discovered his podcast. As I mentioned at the start of this post I am a massive watcher of YouTube so I have come across a vast majority of different YouTubers across the years; with most of my subscribed channels being from America. This meant that whenever Shane had a guest on, who's YouTube I had come across, it was a must watch, from the likes of James Charles to Tana Mongeau. Shane is hilarious which already makes him likeable but he also touches on serious topics around mental health as well as reeling me in to conspiracy theories - he literally does it all and I love that his personality comes across in the podcasts too!

- Take FL1GHT - Mark Whittle - This is one of my most recent discoveries and in all honesty I discovered it through following Lydia Millen on social media. She was a guest on one of the episodes and I loved her on it and the type of questions he asked and how the conversation flew. This led to me looking into who else had been on it and then I discovered her husband Ali Gordon had been on and I always feel like listening to people who's partners are in the same industry shows a nice perspective on the reality of it all - his episode was possibly my favourite of the whole thing, he is literally a guru. After listening to both Lydia and Ali, I have never felt more motivated in my life, they speak so much knowledge and inspiration you can't walk away from the podcast doubting yourself at all. 

- Flat White Chats - Robin James - Another one of my newest additions to my now ever-growing playlist of podcasts. Like the previous, I discovered this through Lydia Millen, down to her being a guest on one of the episodes and thought I'd take a look to see who else has been on this. This led to me finding that one of the most inspirational women ever had been on it, who I used to idolise when I was a dancer, Danielle Peazer - if you don't know who she is, you should because she has literally girl bossed every sector in life. 


As you can tell, podcasts have become a massive part of my life and I literally listen to them every day without fail. If you have any other recommendations then please let me know because I would love to take a listen. 

Much love

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