Love Island 2018 - Pt 1

Yes, I am writing a post about Love Island. I mean it is the most talked about show there is at the moment, everywhere we go it is Love Island, Love Island, Love Island and I am jumping on the bandwagon. Now, I love everything Love Island so when I knew it was finally time for it to return I was absolutely buzzing. I am enjoying this season but I must say it is not my favourite just yet - I mean it is only a week in, there's still time. I think my favourite will always be the season with Cara and Nathan and Alex and Olivia - they will forever be my two favourite couples.

Due to this program literally lasting around 8 weeks, I am going to have to do instalments so this is part 1 with opinions and thoughts up until the 11th June 2018. 

abbwhi love island

Let's talk this season, I love it and I for sure will never miss an episode but at the minute something just isn't clicking as much as it has previously. Let's start with the Islanders - 
  • Niall - I absolutely bloody love him, not only is he a Harry Potter lover but he is also from Coventry which is the closest my hometown will ever get to being recognised. His personality is also insane and I love the constant talk about onions and layers and he isn't bad on the eye either. He's definitely a fave! 
  • Kendall - Kendall seems to be a girl that I imagine I would get on with. I love her attitude and the way she doesn't let lads get their own way and force themselves on her. She has the power and attitude to stick up for herself and I rate that so much. I am gutted that we lost her as I genuinely believed she was so so genuine but I feel like due to her last relationship and engagement she just wasn't ready for the show. 
  • Eyal - He was one of my favourites at the start, he is gorgeous! The first thing I noticed about him was his voice, I could listen to him talk ALL DAY LONG! This was until literally the last few days, he let me down big time. I thought he was this saint, who was spreading positivity but boy did he turn snakey. 
  • Laura -  This is one that I am not that keen on in all honesty. There is something about her that I just do not click with and I think she is playing some sort of game. There have been rumours that she is older than what she says, so who knows how old she is or what type of game she is playing?!
  • Alex - He is such a sweetheart. I honestly want him to find someone so bad, he comes across as such a genuine guy and I just want him to find love so so bad. 
  • Hayley - I genuinely find her so annoying and her voice is so irritating. Out of everyone in the villa I think she is one of the contestants who is playing the biggest game. There have been rumours and photos online saying that she split up with her ex to go on the show and yet she is saying she has been single for months? I smell lies Hayley! 
  • Wes - Now I will admit, I did not like him to begin with for reasons I am not going to disclose here. BUT my opinions have changed and I now think he is lovely and his loyalty to his friends in there is something I massively respect. 
  • Dani - Is possibly my favourite girl in the villa! She is so real and so down to earth and I love that she is just her in there. 
  • Adam - My least favourite male in the villa. I really dislike this boy along with every other human on twitter. Talk about being a snake and rebounding quicker than anyone ever. There has also been a preview for the next episode and I think he is being caught out again, I am so ready for the we dislike Adam tweets. 
  • Samira - Another one of the most real girls in there. I feel so sorry for her though because she has not found anyone yet and she has really had no luck so I'm rooting for her. 
  • Jack - Okay he is another one of the good guys, so far anyway. He seems so lovely and he is in my favourite couple so I am praying he doesn't let me down. 
abbwhi love island

I've just mentioned it a little, so my favourite couple so far is most definitely Jack and Dani. They are the cutest people ever and I really want them to go the long haul and go and win it - I know it's early days but I want them to do a Nathan and Cara and go from day 1 all the way. I did initially like Kendall and Niall but that didn't last long and not going to lie, I was gutted. 

Since the start of this season there has been new islanders added to the lineup and they have definitely stirred things up, to the point where we've lost Kendall and the word mug was definitely thrown around twitter a fair bit in relation to Eyal. I think it is fair to say that everyone on twitter is just dying for Alex to find someone and be happy and every time we get close to someone liking him the twitter Love Island squad are in full force supporting it. The perks of this are when it doesn't work out everyone suddenly hates on whoever ruined it and the tweets and memes being made are hilarious. I think it is the one thing our nation genuinely comes together for every summer and I am totally here for it. 

abbwhi love island

Lets talk newbies - 
  • Georgia - When I first saw her preview before she entered the villa, I was not a fan. I just thought she was going to shake everything up and I was very protective of Kendall and Niall so I was not okay with this. I take it all back though, she seems lovely except she claims she has her options open but then gets angry when Niall gets taken on a date, so I am very confused about where she's at because I do not want Niall getting hurt!  
  • Rosie - Bless her, I actually really like her. I am a big fan of Rosie, I like the fact that she is able to stick up for herself and she is not being walked all over. I think she comes across a strong young woman and I really like her.
  • Charlie - First He genuinely seems a lovely guy and he was interested in Samira so I am all about that. I will say he seems nice and not like one of the typical lads so I am hoping my opinion of him does not change during the season.
  • Megan - The newest addition to the villa and definitely one we were hoping to give our boy Alex a shot but it doesn't seem to be going that way unfortunately. She seems a lovely girl and she is stunning, I feel like there could definitely be some drama depending on who she decides to couple up with. 
  • Josh - He seems such a good character, his personality is everything. He comes across so bubbly and full of life and I think he would be such a good person to be around. 

One of my points for this post was not only to discuss the show taking over the nation but to also discuss one of my recents tweets

abbwhi love island

I have noticed that I am not the only person that is thinking this. It does seem to be a pretty obvious fact that everyone that walks in the villa is skinny, toned and is basically a model. Yes this is nice to look at but it would be nice to see a variety of people in there. It would be nice to see girls with curves, boys that don't have six packs, girls that don't have big boobs and for not everyone to have beaming hollywood smiles. I would like to see my homegirl Jane from down the road on there or someone that you would see in your local village. It is rather blatant on social media how Love Island is affecting a lot of peoples confidence and self esteem because of the specific type of people portrayed on the show and the lack of body shapes and sizes. I feel as though the producers or organisers on the show might deem it a way of getting more viewers due to believing that that is what people want to see. When in reality I think the audience would want to see people they can relate to and connect with on a more personal level instead of feeling as though we all now need to change. 

I mean regardless of how it makes me feel, I am still going to be watching every episode and getting emotionally invested in all of the couples. I already can't wait for the episode when the parents go in and I am praying that Dani is still in there because I would love to see Danny Dyer rocking up to the villa! 

What are your thoughts on the show taking over our summer?

Much love 


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