University is over, now what?

Finally I've finished University! No more assignments, no more exams, no more lectures. Heaven right? To some extent, yes you're right but on the other hand what happens now?

Abbwhi Dissertation

Honestly, I am so happy I've finished University - not necessarily for the freedom aspect and I'm glad it's over part - yes I am happy about that - but because I was so close to giving it all up last year. If you are avid readers of mine and you have been here a while you will know that last year was mega tough for me, if your new check this out or I will try and give you a short version - my mental health got so bad I did not think I could carry on with University anymore. Therefore, with all of this going on last year I am beyond proud of myself for conquering it all and sticking it out when times got tough; my parents were my biggest cheerleaders and honestly the biggest support system ever for helping me through it all! I never say I am proud of myself but in this instance, I am so proud. 

Now it is all over, just like that. I will say already, and I have been left for not even 2 weeks, the lack of frequent communication and conversation with people I have spent 3 years of life with has already started deteriorating. I always say to my parents how I am an avid believer of if someone is supposed to be in your life they will be. I don't believe it should always be the same person reaching out in order for communication to happen but I believe it should be equal - maybe I'll write a blog post on that in the future? I just find it funny how some people are only in your life when it benefits them or when you have to see each other but the second it becomes a choice you aren't important anymore. 

Abbwhi Dissertation

Lets get back to the point of this post...what happens now? So we finish University, the last assignment is submitted, you are waiting on final grades and graduation is a few months away so you are in an awkward place - I like to call this place limbo or the 'eh' because who knows what this bit is supposed to be called. I have taken 'eh' with both hands and started to take steps into the future of what I want with my life. I'll admit, I am a very money oriented person, I have big dreams and I want that luxury lifestyle so I like to do what I can to get there. When it comes to my career and what I want to do with my life, I would like to work in a school potentially or be a counsellor or social care worker - thankfully with my degree I have options. I want to help children or young people shape their lives and make it better for them; I've always wanted to have a positive impact on their lives. So I've taken the first baby steps in making this happen, I've applied for jobs and now the waiting game begins. It is a scary time though because it is the first time I am out of education and actually have to think about what I am doing - I know a lot of people don't go to University so they make these decisions earlier on but it is scary. I guess the only thing that helps is knowing that I am not alone in all of this because everyone else graduating this year feels it too - we are all in the 'eh' together!

If you are in this position too, how are you finding the 'eh'?

Much love

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  1. Congratulation! I hope you get good news very soon on your exams
    Mademoiselle Coconath