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abbwhi cake

Did you know you can get cake delivered to your door?! Literally through your  letterbox! I did not believe it either but it’s true!

I was kindly contacted by the lovely people over at Bakerdays (you can find them here!) to receive a cake for Father’s Day! I asked whether it was possible to receive mine earlier as it was my dads birthday beforehand - they said YES! My absolute favourite thing about these cakes is you get to choose your flavours and designs or you can leave the magic up to them!

Lets talk flavours - so they offered me the choice of chocolate, victoria, red velvet, lemon drizzle, gluten free, wheat free or dairy free! I fully appreciated the fact that they catered for several dietary requirements - as someone who has a vast array of dietary issues, I appreciated this! Now my sister is fussy when it comes to what she eats, so I went for the safe option of lemon drizzle as I knew she liked this! If it was down to me, I would of had one of each because I LOVE everything cake! 

Now design - the team over at Bakerdays have an in house designer for their cakes which is insane! They gave me the option of picking a design off the website or designing one myself for the in house designer to create! If you've been here for a while, you will know my obsession with my little pug, so evidentially she had to make the cake! I ended up getting it to say 'Happy Birthday Nick' - why I didn't say Dad, I will never know!

abbwhi cake

The cake arrived and it came in a little tin which was adorable! It is then sealed inside the tin too, to protect it further! The cake itself look and tasted beautiful! It was such a cute and innovative idea to have cake come through the letterbox and I now want to send everyone I know cake through their door! - I would be dead chuffed if someone sent me cake to the door! 

The incredible team gave me a code to let all my readers get some money off if they have any special occasions coming up or you just need a treat yo'self moment - use ABBWHI15 to get some money off your order and go and enjoy some cake! 

abbwhi cake

Let me know if you decide to try any of their cakes as well as your favourite flavours!

Much love 


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*This product was sent to me for advertisement purposes. All views mentioned are my own. 


  1. Oh wow! Cake delivered to your door. Its like a dream come true! And the cake looks fab. Willow X

    1. Thank you lovely! I mean when it arrived all i wanted to do was eat it, haha! x