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abbwhi london

Who says you only have to celebrate your birthday on one day? Why not celebrate it a few months later with your best friend? That's what I did and it was amazing. My birthday was in February and this weekend (22nd April 2018 - literally months later!) I continued my birthday celebrations because I did not get to see my best friend near my birthday! She sorted it all out and I had no clue what was going on at all. 

Lets start at the beginning - so on my birthday I got a text off my best friend saying happy birthday and saying that I would know more about my present at a later date but something was happening - as you can imagine I was extremely excited and confused at what could be going on. About a month later, I got a text asking when I was free for a phone call to sort things out, so a week or so later a phone call happened and all I knew was I needed to allow for a few days to be free. We sorted out a few days where I knew I didn't need to be anywhere and that was how things were left. Fast forward to a few weeks ago where I received a text saying things will make sense soon - still I was confused. Fast forward once again to a week ago, I received a snapchat of an envelope saying you'll find out everything tomorrow - now I was excited! The following day I received the envelope, a big brown envelope with my address on. In true Abbie style it was ripped open straight away because I couldn't wait any longer to know what was going on - inside were 8 envelopes with the numbers from 1 to 8 written on the outside in different colours. 

1. You're coming to London, here are your tickets. Don't forget your Oyster. 
2. First we'll have a champagne breakfast. 
3. And then afternoon cocktails at Turtle Bay. 
4. Next crazy golf, probably drunk from the cocktails!
5. Then food at Jamie's Italian. 
6. And then we'll end at mine with loads of food and a film that we won't even watch haha. 
7. THE END. 

Now I was confused there was an extra envelope but she just said the end. 
I open it up and well...
8. Oh yeah, one more thing...We're going to watch Dreamgirls, I LOVE YOU!
My best friend is incredible. 

I'm not going to talk about and explain my train journey because that bit would be boring so I'll skip forward to Monday. 

abbwhi london

I woke up to a full english and a bottle of bubbly, I mean we started drinking at 9am and it continued through the whole day but that's okay. It was the perfect start to the day that's for sure. Then it was time to make ourselves presentable to the world and we only had The Greatest Showman bopping in the background! 

abbwhi london

A few tube journeys later - the place where happy hour never ends - Turtle Bay greeted us and the cocktails started flowing; I told you we just kept on drinking. Then letter number 4 happened and the most photo-worthy crazy golf place, Swingers, welcomed us. The staff and everything about the place was just incredible, you could get drinks brought over to the T you were at! I mean I'm not saying I was any good at the golfing part but my inner Tiger Woods definitely came out! Just for the record because otherwise Victoria probably would hunt me down, yes she did beat me but only by 1 point so it doesn't really count. 

abbwhi london

abbwhi london

Next it was time to be reunited by my one true love, FOOD and dinner was at Jamie's Italian - it was everything and more! Italian food is definitely one of my favourite types ever and the pasta is by far some of the best I've ever had - I always have the prawn linguine, I love seafood! Oh and another glass of wine was consumed, you'll be surprised it was the last drink of the day! 
abbwhi london

abbwhi london

It was time for letter number 8, the most exciting part ever - Dreamgirls time! Honestly, it was the best thing I have ever seen in my life and the vocals on the whole cast were incredible - they were probably around my age but sounded like they had over 20 years experience under the belt, it was insane.

I honestly had the most insane day ever and it once again made me fall in love with London even more! I am the luckiest person in the world to have a best friend this incredible. 

abbwhi london

Please tell me you love London just like I do?! 
My instagram is going to be filled with my London adventure - sorry in advance.

Much love 


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  1. That sounds like such a lovely experience! Dreamgirls is one of my favourite films ever so I bet it was absolutely amazing to see live. :) xx

    Faye | Female Original

    1. Honestly, Dreamgirls was insane and is definitely worth a trip if you get chance! x

  2. Very nice place, I will be watching your blog.
    My website:

    1. Ah thank you so much lovely, that means a lot! x