A New Adventure.

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If you follow me on instagram then you would of noticed that I have been posting on my story about new products and documenting before and afters. This is because you know them DM's you get, 'would you like to be part of my company'...'make money from home'...'you are perfect for my business'. Well, after receiving these endlessly for months and constantly saying no, I turned around to one and said YES! I took a chance and I am now part of this insane company and I work with some incredible girls all around the world, one of them being Tayla Blue the person who brought us HotMess!, etc. I actually work with her. This is just an exciting new chapter for me and I cannot wait to see what it brings. The reason I am mentioning this is because this opportunity is with a beauty business and it means I get to buy and test out products for a new company I never delved into before - I have discovered some goodies. Just because this is a company I am now working for, I will only share you the products that I love and would spend my own money on - the reviews will still be completely honest! 

Products I am trying and loving: 
This is one of my favourites and one that I use everyday at least once. It helps to plump your lips whilst also helping your lips to feel moisturised, hydrated and so smooth. You are able to wear it one its as own as it does have a slight tint of colour but you can also wear it under your everyday lip products as a primer. It is definitely the most hydrating and moisturising my lips have ever felt. 

abbwhi business

This is definitely one I was sceptical about but I am so glad I took the risk and tried out. This is basically an at home chemical peel, it comes in two parts - the Facial Peel and the Neutraliser. Both of these parts come on facial pads making it really easy to apply! The facial peel is applied first by wiping it over your face, you then leave it on for at least 10 minutes and follow up with wiping the neutraliser over your face after. Afterwards you do need to apply a moisturiser as this is a rather harsh process but after one use you can feel the difference in your skin. As this is a harsh product it is only advised to use it around twice a week - in both parts you receive 18 pads, meaning 18 treatments which lasts you over 2 months! 

abbwhi business

If any of you are interested in buying these products, just follow me on any social media and send me a message and I will get you good deals on any product! OR if you are interesting in a little more information and potentially getting involved in this kick-ass opportunity then drop me a message or email me

Like I said, any information or products I share with you will still be 100% honest and I won't share anything I don't believe in! 

Much love 


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