Kiko's Birthday!

This week saw a very special day and I was more excited for it than anything. It was my puppy's first birthday and yes we got her presents - we are that family.

The fact that a year ago we didn't know anything about her but now we couldn't imagine life without her - how a year can change so much.

abbwhi kiko
The first time we ever got to see her...Look at her! 
This post is going to be a sort of collection of some of the standout moments from Kiko over the year because genuinely, it makes me happy for than anything. We genuinely are so lucky to have animals like these in our lives because they do radiate such love and positivity; the second I cuddle Kiko, I feel so much better about anything. 

abbwhi kiko
Can you believe she was ever this tiny!

abbwhi kiko
Considering when we initially brought her she was meant to be my dog, I think she is now well loved by all the family. She genuinely makes us laugh everyday whether it's her hyper moments, chasing her tail, rolling round the floor falling over - she does it all! Oh and I have to mention the pug spins when it's time for food. 

abbwhi kiko

For her first year being with us, it is definitely fair to say that she has had a fair amount of memories.

abbwhi kiko
Apparently the sand tastes nice?

This year Kiko got to experience the beach for the first time in Cornwall! It is fair to say she loved the sand, was not as much of a fan of the water - and still isn't

abbwhi kiko
The cutest Santa Pug ever!

It was also her first Christmas, I mean if a pug in a Santa outfit is not cute then I do not know what is. Her first interaction with a Christmas tree was interesting, she decided she was going to try and eat it, whilst also pulling all the decorations off -there was more broken baubles and soggy teddies than there has ever been! 

abbwhi kiko
Kiko's first birthday!
Okay so this photo, the most realistic and natural candid ever, is from her birthday. We brought her presents in and she was super eager to open them, the second they touched the floor she pounced. She actually opened them herself and pulled the present out of the wrapping paper, it was so cute! 

This year has been a whirlwind and having Kiko has made it so much better. 2017 was tough but bringing this one into our home and life made it all that bit happier - definitely the best part of 2017.

Like I said before, we are so lucky to have our pets in our lives.

Have you got any stories with your pets?

Much love


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