Saviour Skin Product, Breaking Us Out?!

Is the product we think is helping us, the one that is breaking us out?! 

I have heard many people state how good Sudocrem is for breakouts and believe me up until recently it has always been my saviour. The amount of youtubers I've seen in vlogs with Sudocrem over their faces and the amount of people I have seen in real life that I've been with putting it on their faces before bed. I was always the same, I thought it saved my face. It would help dry up the break outs and shrink whatever was invading my face. 

This was until recently, where I thought I would be saving what was the start of a breakout but instead it seemed to aggravate it and make this break out last longer than ever. Now, I heard people saying the collection concealer was causing breakouts but my breakouts were where I wasn't applying this concealer, so I ruled that one out for me. It wasn't until my sister said to me to stop using Sudocrem because it was breaking her out too and she had heard it was doing the same to other people! Now I was a bit sceptical because I had been using this for ages on breakouts but before I decided to apply it on what I presumed was the start of a breakout my skin had been the best ever. I had made no changes in my skincare routine and nothing else had changed, except for the fact that I applied Sudocrem for the first time in ages! Really, this is the only explanation for me! 

After hearing all of this, I stopped using Sudocrem and just continued with my normal skincare routine and the difference in my skin already is incredible. My breakouts are on their way out and my skin is back to its semi-okay self, all without the use of Sudocrem. So, this is definitely one product that is not making its way back into my skincare routine. 

Have any of you had bad experiences with this?! 

Much love 


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