A New Brand Has Stole My Heart. *

anatomicals beauty skincare

If any of you have been here a while you will know that skincare has not always been something I have been too good at maintaining or even showing interest in. Therefore, I have always been down to try new brands and see what really is going to work for me. Now, I have seen this brand floating around the internet and I have seen other bloggers try it and therefore, I was needing to give it a whirl myself and this brand is Anatomicals. 

I was kind enough to be sent 3 products to try and when I received them I was so excited. These were the Apricot Face Scrub,  Anti-Blemish Face Mask and the Calming Algae Face Mask. One thing I absolutely adored were the sayings that were written on each individual product. The packaging itself was quite simple but it was soooo effective and got the message across exactly. 

Apricot Face Scrub - "get outta my face, dirtball!"
I have never been the biggest fan of face scrubs because I either think they feel too rough on my skin or they do nothing but this one I loved. The particles weren't too fine that they felt like a Microdermabrasion scrub where it almost feels like you are rubbing sand into your skin but they weren't too big that it felt pointless. The consistency and feel of it on your skin was amazing and it smelt divine, I actually wanted to taste it because it smelt that good! I use this a couple of times a week and it doesn't feel a chore to do, which is always a bonus! 

Anti-Blemish Face Mask - The Hottie Tottie is never Spotty. 
Now this one I absolutely loved and even shared with my sister because I loved it that much; believe me I would never normally share with her but on this occasion I had to. The face mask was something like I had never tried, it didn't tighten and wasn't a peal off but unlike a wash of it didn't continue to stay wet. It dried up but didn't feel like it sucked all the moisture out of your face. For some reason to me this smelt like something so familiar and for ages I was trying to figure it out and I came to the conclusion I THINK it is talc. It reminds me of something related to a baby product, it is just so familiar. I absolutely loved this product though and I would definitely repurchase. 

Calming Algae Face Mask - I feel the need, the need for seaweed. 
This one surprised me, probably not for the reasons you would think. The packaging is green but the product is blue, I was all kinds of surprised when I opened it! Now, this product is called the calming mask which I was a bit sceptical about. My skin is quite sensitive so nothing really calms it down too much but the whole experience of wearing face masks in general is calming so it is already a winner! One thing I loved is how quickly the product dries on your face because there is nothing worse than feeling like you can't move for ages because it is still wet! 

Overall, I loved everything about this brand and definitely want to try out more of their products!
Have you ever tried any of these or any others I didn't mention?! 

Much love 

anatomicals beauty skincare

*I was sent these products to try but all opinions are my own. 

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  1. The apricot scrub sounds so yummy, I'd definitely want to eat it too! Haha. I've not tried anything from this brand but I've heard very good things, might have to try some stuff out x