Casual Fashion Made Smart

Wouldn't you want to look sophisticated 24/7 if you had the chance? I do. My fashion changes all the time, I wouldn't say I have one style and I love that because it means I'll pretty much wear anything. Today, I decided I wanted to go a little casual but dressed up and looking smart, I don't know why because I literally popped into town but I love dressing up if I have the chance to. 

Plisse trousers are my favourite because they are ridiculously comfy and so floaty, most definitely comfier than jeans! The bonus with these is that you can dress them up or down! I paired them, on this occasion, with my Evire Apparel t-shirt which I basically live in. Evire is such a lovely company and the quality of clothing is so good too! I have this tee in white and black and neither are fading or looking worse-for-wear, which is always a good thing!  

The only two aspects of this outfit which dressed it up a little was my longline grey jacket and shoes. My jacket is slightly longer than a three quarter length sleeve, it comes to the middle of your forearm and has a thick folded over cuff. It has the power to make any outfit look a little more sophisticated and smart and is so comfy to wear as it is not too thin or thick. This would look perfect over a cream jumper for autumn if you don't want to necessarily wear a thick coat. Now my shoes are a bit out there for me, I would never normally wear something like these but I fell in love. As I said, I went to town in these and they were soooo comfy, they didn't rub in the slightest. 

Now, lets discuss my handbag. I am normally someone who is perfectly happy with a black bag and that will do me fine. If you have seen my Vivienne Westwood then you know I am trying to delve into the more colourful statement bags. I saw this handbag in New Look and knew it had to be added to my collection. I feel like it is perfect for autumn/winter time. I have already seen some other colourful handbags that need to join this one.

What are your favourite handbag colours for this time of year?

Much love 


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  1. I'm absolutely loving your bag, it's so perfect for Autumn! I wish culottes suited me, I'd literally live in them x