147 Things - Jim Chapman *

Who doesn't want to know about all things ranging from black holes to belly buttons? 

I have been a fan of Jim for years and was ecstatic to have the opportunity to review this book before it was released. If you don't know who Jim is where have you been? Go and check him out! I have loved Jim's journey into the world of fashion from the challenge videos back in the day but what I love most is the fact, he still stays giving us the most random facts possible, yet they are always worth knowing right? This book sets out to basically explain 'how exceptional, fascinating and bloody strange this thing we call life is'. It turned out that according to Jim there deemed to be exactly 147 things that made it that way. 

Just in the blurb of this book it says: some are deep and important and others are ridiculous and seem inconsequential, but they all have a place in my life and it wouldn't surprise me if they find a place in yours, too. From watching Jim, I was sceptical as to if they would find a way to fit in my life but surprisingly they did and a lot more of them than I expected. Jim does claim to be an over-sharer which from watching his videos is definitely true and I love how he's incorporated his real life stories into the 147 things he deemed to help keep him afloat. 

On the point of staying afloat, lets discuss staying alive because this is to do with my favourite 'thing' from this book; Thing 101: It's best not to eat yourself, if you can avoid it. This thing made me laugh whilst reading it because I can imagine how Jim would read this. It explores you being stranded on a desert island and how the average human, if kept hydrated, can survive between thirty to forty days without food, and by eating your own arm, you're only reducing the days you have left. I mean, I'm sure you have always thought about this being an option, when asked how you'd survive on a desert island! 

I don't feel like I have read a book that makes you laugh, whilst teaching you facts that no one else is going to teach you; like not eating your own arm because you will die faster. 

You can go and purchase the book on Amazon! or if you don't want to read it then you can listen to the audio book! I have never tried an audio book but I hear so many good things about it, so maybe I might listen to it too to test it out!!

Let me know if you have read it and what your favourite thing is and if you are a fan of Jim also!

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  1. I love little random facts, I think I'd really enjoy this book especially with the added humour! x