You're a Blogger?

Being a blogger can be difficult, there is so much behind the scenes that people don't see. It is as though people think you pull these posts and photos out of thin air, they don't see the hours or days that all of this takes. Yes, that's right a lot of thought, time and deleting and re-writing paragraphs goes into every single post that I press publish on. The constant thoughts of what if this is taken the wrong way or what if people don't like this or people think it's rubbish. Every single one of these thoughts goes through my head every single day but I do it all because I actually love writing and letting people read what I decide to publish. 

People also seem to believe that we have the life of luxury but believe me, my life is as far from luxury as possible. My blog posts come from sitting around in my bedroom writing about things I've actually experienced, there is nothing glamorous about that. Whenever I do write, I am more than likely sat in my pyjamas in bed looking a tramp, that is not glam. 

'Well that's just a hobby you can't do that as a job!' It is either that comment or the 'that's not a proper job'. Yes for me this is hobby, at the moment. I would love for this to be my job, it would be the dream. People who are fortunate enough for this to be their job work bloody hard and graft longer days than most people. One blog post can take days or weeks or maybe longer if you are working with a company or someone else. It is a long and tiresome process but we do it because we love it. 

Then there comes the fact that, if we are fortunate enough to have worked our arses off to receive a sponsored post or be sent products to test, that people don't believe a word we say. People think we accept these opportunities just for the sake of it but that is not the case at all, you would be surprised at some emails people do receive. I personally, only ever accept posts that relate to what my blog is about or that I am genuinely interested in. You will see in previous posts where I have worked with brands that they already relate to my blog or my life and that is how I always plan on it being. 

You may not agree with blogging or you may not understand it but that does not mean you should ever degrade others work. We work hard for anything we receive, whether it is a single view, comment, share, product or sponsored post. 
I do this because I love it and it would be the dream to make this my career but I would still love it just the same as I do now. 

Have you experienced any of these things?

Much love 



  1. This is so accurate and honest, I love it! It's so true, blogging can get a bit tricky especially when I'm balancing it (or trying) with full-time work and the gym whilst still trying to maintain some sort of social life and remember to eat and sleep haha. People forget how much time and effort must actually go into it, it's not as easy as pointing a camera at something and having an amazing photo, it takes some hard work to even get decent photos. Then there's all the writing and worrying about if it's all good enough. But I love blogging despite the stress! x


  2. I love this post! So bloody honest!! I get soo many looks when I say I blog, and many ask why I take it so seriously when it won't 'get me anywhere' and can't be a 'real' job. I've just learnt to move on from the comments since I really love my space on the internet and everything I do for it!!
    a life of a charlotte

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  4. Great post,I've not long started and just getting used to it,and learning to balance it with having two children and working part time,I get people asking if I make money but at the min I'm just enjoying it as a pastime 💕