You know a brand is good when you buy one item and suddenly want the brand to take over your whole wardrobe. I'm that kind of person that loves and appreciates all fashion and wants to have everything in my wardrobe. I've always wanted basically every item on the Lazy Oaf and due to seeing their items I was on the hunt to find more brands like them, which is when I discovered Ragged Priest and I fell in love. Ragged Priest has there own clothing items as well as selling other brands too; one of them being Milk.It. Therfore, along with coming across Ragged Priest I also found Milk.It too!

The top I fell in love with is an oversized tee which is slightly cropped but due to it being oversized it doesn't show any of your stomach (meaning you can eat lots of food comfortably which is important!). The tee also has a peplum bottom with lacing round the bottom which is super cute but looks flattering too! I also love the style of font used to write 'TRUE LOVE' it reminds me of vintage historical writing, that would be used in relation of vikings, castles and in the rock era (random I know!). This is not something that a year ago I would of wore but I have become a lot more confident in trying new styles out and I am so happy I have so I can wear bits like this. I paired this top with some gingham checkered trousers and I absolutely loved this look but it will most definitely be worn with my trusty high-waisted black distressed jeans too! 

I am definitely going to be purchasing more off this website, my wishlist is becoming a lot longer due to Ragged Priest!
Have you tried anything from here? 

Much love 



  1. That top is SO pretty! Love the way you've styled it with the grey trousers😍 WERK IT GIRL💁🏼💛

  2. I'm so in love with the style of this top and you suit it so well! Gonna check them out x


  3. ooh yeah, when I find a brand I like, I try to get most of their products :D It's kind of like building a collection.