SLxPB Pop Up Shop

I have always been a massive supporter of Joe Sugg, Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes, therefore knowing they were all combining for a limited time, I had to go and show my support (and damage my bank account). 

So my friend and I decided to travel down to Covent Garden on the final day of the store being open. This did involve being on the road at 7am which believe me is the earliest I have seen in a long time, so most of my makeup was done in the car.  

After hearing the queue times from previous days I like to think the day we were there it wasn't too bad. We were in the queue for about 10:30/11:00am and within about an hour and a half we were in. The store was incredible, unfortunately with it being the last day a lot was gone but I still walked away with everything I intended on getting! Also, for me it was more about seeing what the store was like and showing support which I am so glad I got to do. The way everything was set out was perfect and it definitely felt massively Zoella inspired. She is literally a goddess at interior and I had serious envy of it, I want her to design my room or whole house please. It was definitely all the small touches and details that added so much to the place. 
Of course we were absolutely in ore of the shop, it was literally heaven. They had literally thought about everything, a little instagram corner, big mirrors and a selfie wall which everyone was definitely making full use of. 

I did somehow manage to control myself and only walk away with a phone case, hoodie and t-shirt and had to stop myself there. I loved the array of colours they had come up with and I could of walked away with an item in every colour. There was a midnight colour and I loved it but unfortunately there were no sizes left that                                                                     would fit me without me looking like a sack                                                                      of potatoes. 

It was all made worth it because I did get to meet Alfie and get a photo but as it was the final day the security were rushing everyone so you didn't get to speak to him properly. He did say he liked my outfit so that was a bonus. The most frustrating thing was that after we left Joe turned up for the last 15 minutes and we missed it (internally fuming)! Oh well, it was such a lovely day and I am still thoroughly happy with it all!
Have you ever met any of your favourite youtubers?

Much love 



  1. Aww it sounds like you had a great day and what a lovely photo you got of you and Alfie! I'd quite like to meet Helen Anderson but I don't really watch a hell of a lot of youtubers to be honest!
    Alice Xx

  2. Im sitting here well jel of you! Glad you managed to get everything you wanted on the last day though :) pictures look amazing!

    Heather xox ||

  3. I'm so glad you had a great time and this is an amazing blog post keep up the fantastic work