New In Products August 2017.

Okay, so this post is going to let you have a little insight into what is new this month! These past few weeks have been super exciting for me and luckily some of these products have been sent to me through PR. I am more than grateful to all of these companies for sending me them and I cannot wait to try them out and let you know my thoughts. 

Now Kiko Cosmetics has never been a brand of tried but if you follow me on other social medias then you will know my little pup is called Kiko, therefore trying these products is a must! 
Kiko Milano Fall 2.0 Range
Duo Bronzer
I received the bronzer in the shade 01 which is called Bright Life, I am aware that there are other shades they do a little darker than this but for my fair complexion I think this colour should match my skin perfectly. 
Magnetic Eyeshadow
This eyeshadow is something else! The colour displayed below is colour 04 which is Purple Mind, you can tell from the photo how super pigmented and beautiful it is. They have these eyeshadows in a range of colours and I feel like I need to buy all of them just because of how pretty they are. This is probably the product I am most excited to try! 

Metallic Liner
I am intrigued to try out this product because I am keen to see whether it shows as being that pigmented on the eye as it looks a beautiful shade, I am just interested to see the colour payoff. This pencil is in the shade 02 and you can get them in other colours too, so as one of the lighter shades if this one is a winner then I may be buying the others! I haven't got an eye pencil in this shade and I love gold smokey eye so this would work perfectly along with the next product too! 

Now, everybody knows I love my eyeliner more than anything and adding another coloured eyeliner to my collection is always needed. This one is in the colour 01 and as you can imagine when I saw this I was excited! As mentioned above, I love gold smokey eyes so I am so excited to incorporate this product into my look and see how vibrant the colour actually pays off on the eye along with eyeshadows. 

Lip Stylo
I am a lover of a nude lip and when I saw this one in the shade 01 I knew I was going to get on with this. Most of the nude lipsticks I own are more of a browny nude, whereas this one is more pinky, so I am looking forward to seeing how this one sits with me compared to my others. From looking at it, it looks as though it will be a smooth and creamy consistency but I will have to update you on that once I have tried it. 

Now if you have read any of my past posts or follow me on instagram or snapchat you will know my love for candles and smelly things is real! I have used many candles, defusers and fragrances but one thing I have never tried is melts and when I heard of Moonlight Melts I was so excited about this concept. I have got 3 melts all in different scents and I am extremely excited to try these!
Moonlight Melts
I haven't opened all of these due to not being able to burn them all at once, therefore I didn't want the smell to kind of go before burning them. From them just being in the packaging, I can tell that the smell of them all is going to be insane because you can smell them through the packaging they are that well scented. 
They all come in these cute little heart shapes, which is just the most adorable thing anyway. 

Pink Lemonade which is a blend of lemon rind, sweet berries with a hint of vanilla. 
Orange Dreamsicle which is sweet orange and vanilla cream, which sounds incredible! 
Aromatherapy Relax which is a blend of lavender with a hint of musk. For me, anything that promotes relaxation is well up there on my list of favourites, so I am so excited to try this! 

These are just a few little bits that I have managed to collect over the past month or so and I am so excited to try them. Like I mentioned, some of these products where gifted so therefore I can't thank the companies enough for sending them over to me. 

Let me know your current favourites! 

Much love 



  1. That eyeshadow looks incredible! I actually thought it was some sort of dessert on first glance haha, all of these bits and bobs look so cool, can't wait to see some makeup looks with them! And the moonlight melts are adorable!
    Alice Xx

  2. These look like some awesome products! I've never tried Kiko and that eye shadow sounds amazing !

  3. I adore Kiko Lipsticks! Definitely love the look of the bronzer! xo

    Hanney |

  4. I've never tried kiko but the brand looks lovely! i really want to try moonlight melts too!

  5. That Kiko eyeshadow looks amazing! I love kiko lipsticks, such a creamy formula, I hope you enjoy it! I also got some Moonlight Melts and pink lemonade has become my instant fave! x

    Lily |