Fashion Inspirations!

I am pretty sure we all have them people who we look at and think I wish I had your wardrobe because I know for sure I do. My list of people, whose wardrobes I wish I could go and delve into is unbelievably long and you are going to get a little insight into just a couple of my all time favourites. 

Victoria - InTheFrow
I look up to Victoria in many ways, in all aspects of life but mainly for her fashion! If I could own every item in her wardrobe I would because I literally want it all. Firstly, I am a massive fan of lace and she seems to love lace too, every one of her items from Self Portrait is to die for! Secondly, she puts things together I never would of thought of and she absolutely rocks it! Her forever-growing collection of shoes and handbags with that designer label is any girls dream. If I could dress like her on a daily I would, I literally aim to be like her in the future. Her blog, her attitude towards life and her motivation to achieve all of her dreams is an attitude I aim to posses. She has a boyfriend who is literally goals because he treats her like an absolute queen and she forever has a personal photographer. Also, she gets to travel the world with him and work with the most incredible brands and designers ever. Therefore, it is not just her fashion I admire but the whole InTheFrow brand in general. 

Zoe - Zoella
Now the next person in my fashion inspiration post is most definitely Zoe, who is a massive inspiration of mine in general. I love her quirky and individual style and how she pairs items together. She is not afraid to wear things that others might find a bit out there and I love that about her because I always wish to be brave enough to pull these things off. She has introduced me to so many new brands and designers and one which is my all time favourite is Lazy Oaf! I am forever on the lookout at what is coming out in the new season and I know without fail that there are bound to be some new items in one of Zoe's new hauls. I always want everything that is in her hauls and her wardrobe, have you seen the size of that wardrobe! Her wardrobe clear out was insane, the amount she donated and threw away was more than I have ever owned. I love the fact that she donated to charities and women's shelters. I remember I watched one of her hauls and completely fangirled because she had one of the same items as her from Zara. 

These are a couple of my favourite fashion inspirations, would love to know what yours are?!

Much love 



  1. I love Zoe's fashion! Everything she wears looks so good, it makes me want to purchase it all! I love how she gets a lot of affordable items aswell!��Xo

  2. I love Victoria's style so much too! She always looks so well put together, i'm a massive fan of lace too! Zoella always wears such cute clothes that fit's her figure so well! xx

    Ronnie //

  3. Omg my two favorite people! I want to dress like Victoria one day, too. I love Zoe's style sometimes, but I can't cope with some of the things she wears lol it would just not look good on me at all. I love her girly girl styles like dresses and playsuits, but overall, I just love her personality :)