When you say you are going on holiday and staying in the UK a lot of people turn their nose up and consider it, not a proper holiday. Not going to lie, I am the first person to jump at the prospect of going abroad because I love all things sun and sand but since having a pup, things have changed. Since she is only a few months old we thought we would have a family holiday to the seaside in this country with our pup and I loved every second. 

We stayed in Carbis Bay, Cornwall in a holiday home called Una St. Ives and they were incredible. We booked a 4 bedroom home and the interior was modern, high end and a place you didn't really want to leave; if the weather was bad you had room and a nice play to relax and still enjoy yourselves. The holiday homes were situated on a complex and by being a resident in their accommodation you got access to their spa, pool, gym and facilities, which we did use on a number of occasions. 
The only downfall I would have would be the location because Carbis Bay doesn't really have too much there itself, so if you do want to be able to go out on walks there isn't really anything to do. There are no shops or little towns so you do have to travel a little. Luckily, the train station is literally just down the road and a family ticket to St. Ives or Hayle is £2.60! (Bargain!)

Our most visited place was definitely St Ives, we were regulars to the beaches, restaurants and local shops and my pup soon became famous around there. My dad said it was like going out with a celebrity because everyone stopped us to stroke her, it took us triple the length of time to get anywhere. There is a sweet shop there called Rubydoobies who I most certainly recommend to anyone with a sweet tooth, we made several visits and it was a favourite! The pick and mix was the best thing ever!! 

A trip to Hayle to a little shopping arena also happened, where we sat in the sun with a Costa because yes, we are basic. Anywhere we went my pup soon grabbed the attention, as she did at a trip to St. Michael's Mount. The tide was out so we were able to walk across and visit the mount and see the views, which was lovely. My pup loved being on the beach and running on the sand but she most definitely did not like the water. 

Cornwall is such a lovely place and the environment and scenery is just what I needed. Throughout the week I have had some lovely meals, a personal favourite was the night we went to have tapas, locally in Carbis Bay and we got to have prawns, calamari etc. It was soooo yummy. Also most importantly you cannot take a trip to Cornwall without having a cream tea!!

Cornwall is one of my favourite places in the UK, what are yours?

Much love 



  1. Amazing place. I would definitely stay in the same place you guys did. I love quiet long walks by the beach. And it's great to have other lovely places near by 😉😉😉

  2. Such a lovely post! Always forget how beautiful the places right on our doorstep are. Love to visit Cornwall now!

    Emily x |

  3. Your dog is adorable! It looks like such a lovely place, last time I went to the UK I nearly went here - definitely regretting not going now. Will have to get back here some day! Excellent post lovely :)
    Holly x || |

  4. Cream tea is a always a gooden. I love Cornwall, I really wanna go back already and it wasn't that long ago I came back! Even better when the weather is gorgeous as well x

  5. I LOVE Cornwall we spent a lot of time in St Ives as kids. I also love heading over to Wales! X
    Lola Mia //

  6. I miss visiting Cornwall! I like visiting Isle of Wight too. Looks like you had a fab time and your pug is adorable x

    Lily | Covet Luxe