Top Apps For Bloggers That I Use!

Being a blogger basically means your life constantly revolves around social media or using some form of digital programs, whether it is sitting on a laptop, using a camera or on your mobile phone. You may be that person who walks around snapping pictures of everything or that person who is constantly checking their emails or social media following. Whatever the case is, we are always busy and working towards our blog somehow. I am sure that we all have our own holy grail apps or programs that work for us and I am sure they all differ to some extent. Therefore, based on this I am going to share with you the apps or programs that work for me personally. 

Social Media
Social media is a vital concept for any blogger as it is the way that we share our work, alongside socialising with other bloggers. These are some of the top apps that I use in accordance with my blog! 
Facebook is such a good platform for bloggers as there are groups on there where opportunities get posted, as well as the concept for group chats and to socialise with other bloggers and support each other. A lot of bloggers also have pages specifically for their blog where they share their latest posts and get supporters on there too! 
Twitter is another app platform that I would consider to be one of the most important and vital ones for bloggers due to a number of blogger chats happening, which allows you to not only share your posts but also socialise with a large number of bloggers. Twitter gives you the opportunity to gain such a large following and also allows you to access opportunities that companies or individuals may have to offer. 
Instagram, I would consider to be *the* platform for bloggers. This is due to blogging being highly reliant on not just content but also photography. Instagram is where all of your photography is displayed and is basically deemed a portfolio of all of your work, which is accessible for everyone. 
Snapchat is a nice app to allow your followers to see a behind the scenes aspect of your blog posts, as well as life! This allows them to see who you are as a person, the person behind the blog! 
Pinterest is a concept that I would say is rather new to a lot of bloggers, including myself. You can pin blog photos that then drive traffic to your blog and can also use all the other photos and concepts as inspiration for future posts and photography. 

Bloglovin is a useful tool to keep up to date with other peoples posts. You can follow the peoples blogs you love and that way you will never miss a post they publish. I personally don't really use it that much but I know I should, it is that app that just sits in a folder that never really gets used. When I do use it, I use it to read other peoples posts which I guess means it does work in order to direct traffic to peoples blogs. This is one that I need to start using more!
Buffer is the absolute life saver of all apps! It enables you to schedule tweets and then see which tweets did well and which hashtags are working well for you. I love it because it means you do not have to remember to promote yourself all the time because they are already scheduled. This means that when you are on social media you can focus on connecting with other bloggers whilst the app does the promoting for you. 
Photo Editing
Now I am not one to use a camera to take my photos, I simply use the camera on my phone. I do have the iPhone 7+ so thankfully this does come with portrait mode which is a lifesaver. This said, apps do still save my life, they have the power to turn something from 'urgh' to 'ohhhhh okay'! I use this routine for blog photos as well as Instagram photos. 
Colorstory is the first app I use when it comes to editing photos, I try and use the same filter on every photo to enable all the photos to look the same in some way. 
Whitagram is my go-to for everything! I am a massive fan of the white border on all my photos. Not only do I use this app to get the border but I use it to also turn photos more high definition as well as changing the brightness to really make that photo *pop*.  
Layout/Pic Collage are two apps that if I ever want to put more than one image together then these allow for that. Since Instagram has now allowed you to upload multiple images in one post these are not something that is used as frequently now. However, if it is someones birthday and you have far too many images, then creating a collage of those mugshots is always a possibility with these.  
Typorama always comes in useful if you ever need to add text to a photo for a thumbnail or cover photo of a post. 
I'm sure all of us are curious to see who has unfollowed us recently. Instagram currently seems to be the hardest app to grow and it seems you gain one follower and lose at least 10. It seems an impossible cycle. Well, now you can see who those pesky unfollowers are with the app Followers+. It tells you who doesn't follow you back full stop, as well as who has recently unfollowed you. Those individuals that do this whole follow, unfollow business are finally being caught out!
These are apps and programs that work for me personally, I would love to know if you use any of these or if there are any ones that you think I should try. 

Much love 



  1. I need to try some of those photo editing apps out!

  2. oo I found this post super helpful, I've just got a new phone and don't have many apps downloaded yet! I've always wondered what apps you use to edit your pics!! I just use VSCO to edit normally but kinda bored of it so I'm gonna have a play around with Colorstory and see if I like it more xx

    Ronnie //

  3. Loved this post! I cant believe I am only just discovering buffer... Such a big help lovely. I use facetune to whiten the backgrounds of my pictures and VSCO to do the colour and tone and such xx

    Niamh |

  4. I've literally just started using buffer today, seems like such a good app when you work full time and can't be promoting! I also need to get into bloglovin and actually learn how to use it cos it confuses me so much at the moment haha!
    Alice Xx

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this. I'm new ish to blogging and this will be super helpful. Thank you x

  6. odd, I never heard of Buffer. Have to give it a try! I use photoscape for all my photo needs, it works great! Thank you for the tips and info, greatly appreciated.

  7. I haven't found the perfect photo editing app(s) so far, so I'm certainly going to try out some of them.
    Lauraconteur ♥

  8. I never heard of buffer but it seems like an awesome tool! I will have to check it out :)

  9. Colour story is my absolute must have. I don't tend to use the filters but I always adjust the curves to lighten the photo up. I also use InstaEditor for whitening. Can't live with out these two. I agree about Bloglovin' I don't really use it that much either!
    Great ideas lovely!

  10. I use Picmonkey and Canva on my pc or Photodirector on mobile. But my most vital tool for blogging is the Spen on my Samsung Tab. I take screenshots of my current read on the Kindle app and write notes and underline possible quotes.