Summer Product Wishlist! AD

Who doesn't love trying new products when the weather starts to change? My beauty and skincare regime always changes along with the seasons and now the weather has started to pick up I feel the time is right to start planning and prepping for some new buys! 

Facial Cleansing Brush*
I have seen so many facial brushes around but there has never been one that really grabs my attention and makes me desperately want it. This was until I came across this beauty by Panasonic:

Not only are the colours of this absolutely stunning but it is so much more than just a brush cleanser. The coloured part at the base of the product, heats up and assists in removing make up in an easy and efficient way. You simply place it on your face and it heats up to loosen the make up from your face, as make up removal is the start of any cleansing process. 

Now lets talk about the actual Facial Cleansing Brush aspect, it enables you to have two different types of cleansing; soft and normal. It states how the application is lighter than that of your hand but I am presuming this is in accordance with what cleanser you actually use the brush with, depending on your skin type. 

Also my favourite part of this brush, which makes it a stand out product to me is the precise cleansing attachment. You can use it to target your T-zone area and get deep into your pores, which is a problem area for me personally. 

As you can probably tell, I am super excited by this product as it tackles all of my problem areas in one product, which is quite a difficult thing to find. It also looks so pretty which is always lovely because you never want to use anything on your face that looks ugly and intimidating. 

Electronic Foot File
I recently stayed at my friends house and she brought out her electronic foot file and I was honestly blown away. I am personally not much of a foot fan myself but I was fascinated by this contraption. It definitely beats standing there with a hand hold manual foot file and carving away at your feet. This product is so easy to use and I have to get one! She doesn't know where her particular one is from as it was a gift but I have found one similar. 

This one here is from Scholl and it is the Velvet Dry and Wet Hard Skin Gadget. I just feel that this is a product I need to invest in as I can see the benefits it will give me already. There is nothing worse through summer than putting on a pair of sandals or flip flops and thinking about how bad your feet look, because don't pretend now hard skin is something that we all suffer from to some extent. 

These are my top 2 products that I need to invest in sooner or later. I purposely haven't gone into make up because that changes with the seasons and could be a whole post on its own. The make up addiction is real and happening! 
I did a video around some of my latest summer picks!!
I would love to know what you lovely lot think about these products and whether you have tried any out yourself?

Much love 


*The company contacted me around writing for them, anything stated I believe and is my own personal opinion.


  1. They both look fab! I need to invest more in bodycare for sure!!

  2. I have never tried a facial brush - I remember when everyone was talking about the Clarisonic on Youtube, I'm scared it will be too harsh on my skin though!

    hayley //

  3. I didn't even know Panasonic made a cleansing brush, it looks amazing! I especially love that it heats up! X

  4. I really want a facial cleansing brush! They look so so good.

    Shauna Claire |

  5. Oh I'd love an electronic foot file - my holiday is next year so I'll be getting one before then :)

    Alice // The Rose Glow

  6. Loving the sound of that facial cleansing brush! The heating up part particularly sounds pretty interesting! Also the electronic foot file sounds perfect for this time of year.

    Ellie x

  7. Always on the look out for new skincare items so thanks for sharing lovely great post!

    xx imogen

  8. A face cleansing brush is definitely a must have!