Puppy Kisses.

Since having a puppy there has been one thing that I never imagined I could get any more excited for and that is coming home. I have always been the type of person who loves coming home getting in your comfy clothes, having a relaxing bath and a cup of tea (am I about 40 because I sound it!). Something has changed now, I mean I still love doing all these things and believe me it is number 2 of the list of favourite things to do each day but the number 1 spot has been stolen by something (or should I say someone) else. MY PUPPY! I honestly believe that nothing feels better than coming home and seeing your puppy come running up to you all excited, it is as though it is the first time she has seen you in forever, when really it has probably been an hour max. That feeling that someone loves you and gets that excited to see you will never grow old. 

Honestly having a puppy has changed my life, not in the aspect of my life now revolves around picking up dog poo, even though it does but I am soooo much happier. Having a puppy has given me a purpose and that feeling that someone relies on you to get through the day, that is incredible because this means I am a mum right? It has changed my health and wellbeing completely, I have not felt as happy as I feel when I am around my puppy in a long time. One little pup has restored all happiness to my life, how crazy is that! 

I am not saying it is all easy and a seamless ride because it's not, obviously a pup brings along with it a lot of responsibility. Just because you are not hungry right now, doesn't mean your pup isn't! My family keep referring to it as like having a toddler, which I can only imagine to be right. They keep saying it's good practice for having a child, I mean I am more than happy with a puppy for now but thank you for that. Instead of the crazy cat lady, can I be a crazy dog lady? I'd love that. 

The relationship with my pup has now got to the stage where I text my Mum every morning from bed and just say the word 'puppy', a few seconds later I hear her paws outside, then come the morning puppy kisses. She gets so excited, it's so cute. Honestly I feel like a Mum, I am that person that worries about her constantly. It is so nice to be loved unconditionally by someone (notice how through all of this I have related to her as a person?).

There is a video up on my YouTube channel giving you an insight into her life from 2 weeks old, you know you want to go watch it.

Please tell me I am not the only person who is like this with their dog, give me some reassurance.

Much love 



  1. Puppies are such beautiful creatures! I remember when I had mine-and I love your photography in this post!

  2. My pups are my babies! I joke with my husband that I would never be able to work outside the home again because they are so used to having me there lol

    Britt |