Let's Get Fit!

When people say the gym what do you imagine?
Lads bulking up? everyone the size of a stick? It being the most boring thing in the world?
It doesn't have to be that way! 
Have you ever considered classes? Does the thought of that scare you? well it shouldn't
I used to be one of them girls that would be too scared to go to the gym, too nervous. I would imagine everyone in there being ridiculously fit and knowing what they are doing but that is not the case at all! They are soooo good! 
I am going to tell you about some of my favourite classes to do! Yes, my best friend Laura, who was in my last blog post, comes along with me too and we use it to motivate each other but it does also mean there is some entertainment in the classes too. 

LBT (Legs, Bums and Tums)
This was a new one to me recently but it is good for a full body workout! If you want to tone them legs and get a booty then this is perfect! You do concepts like squats and then core work, your calves will be burning but that way you know it's working right?! You will have that killer Angelina Jolie leg in no time! 

Now this one kills me but it is so worth it! I like the fact that it is interval training, so the exercises chop and change and you aren't doing each one for too long. You never get bored but you end up sweaty as hell!

Core Blimey/Pure Abs
A toned core is the start point for it all, your balance, flexibility, everything! We all secretly want that slim figure, with a nice toned stomach, well at least I do. Lets be honest, sit up after sit up is as boring as watching paint dry and in all honesty, yes sit ups are good but they do not achieve everything you probably want. These classes give you such a variety of exercises that focus on your core, not being abs but your back also. 

This one, I can imagine, not many of you have heard of. I hadn't until I took my first class and I loved it. It not only works your body but also your mind, your mind stays active throughout the whole time. If anything it might keep your mind active more than your body sometimes. The exercises are done in relation to letters and numbers and it is so enjoyable and has different levels for all abilities.

These are just some of my favourite gym classes and a more exciting way to keep fit! 
Let me know some of your favourite ways to keep fit?!

Much love 



  1. You look fantastic lovely! I too am a huge gym fan I just need to start booking classes in, I'd love to do yoga and deep breathing but also Zumba and high intensity aerobics! Great post! Xx

  2. I just discovered body by simone/sweaty betty and my body is crying and loving it. There are only two gyms where I am. Working out at home is so much fun now!

  3. This post has made me more motivated to get fit!xx Jade xx

  4. I love going to the gym with my friends but hate going along! Classes are fun - I used to do Zumba really regularly and loved it :)

  5. I love going to classes also! I recently have been loving boxercise its a mix of circuits and boxing x

    Lily |

  6. Fab post. Bokhara sounds great and totally agree on HIIT!

  7. I actually LOVED the legs bums and tums workout classes before I moved flat- I had to give up my gym membership though, so it's back to running around the streets in my area now!!