Lets Be Nosey - Guest Post!

I'm doing a guest post!! My best friend from my previous posts is writing a post here about our friendship and I am so happy! So, lets see what she has to goes her embarrassing me!

So… I don’t really know how to start a blog post, never even attempted it (just too scared). However Abbie has asked me to let you guys in on our friendship from beginning to end, missing out all the boring details. So here goes nothing…

How Our friendship began

My name is Laura and I’m 20 years old and I have known Ab since we were about 11/12 years old (I feel like I’m introducing myself at a AA meeting right now). The first time myself and Ab met was during a dance class, a Latin dance class in fact (Tutti Fruitti was our team name). Within this class Abbie and all the rest of the team discovered that I could not ‘shimmy’ for love nor money. From this I used to get laughed at every single time we came to that certain part of the routine. Following on from this myself and ab got even closer when it came to another dance team (Odyssey) where we became dance partners. Ab was lucky and got to play the girls role and still to this day I envy the fact that ab go to wear the pretty girlie blue dress. Jump about 4 years forward and both myself, Abbie and her sister Megan all danced together in a team called ‘Zig-Zag’ where we became British champions in old time sequence dancing (It’s not as old fashioned as it sounds…honest)

Little bit of friendship nostalgia

There are soooo many memories that both myself and ab have shared over the many years that we have been friends and one of the greatest ones I share with Abbie and Her sister Megan, oh and also along with both of our families (I may not have mentioned, but myself and Abbie’s mums and dads are also besties) is our trips to the lodges, where we had separate lodges but went round one another’s for dinner and family nights in. One night we decided that we were the up and coming BNTM and decided to style out a fashion shoot in our Onesies (We thought we were cool.. OK) with my dad’s very fancy camera. Still to this day I have the phots of use posing, pouting and using that famous peace sign… oh dear.

Recently as you may have already read on ab’s blog ‘THREADS AND CO. FLAGSHIP STORE LAUNCH!’ we visited the big capital that we know to be London. Now I must admit it was come and go as to whether we were going to go- due to the very recent terror attack in Manchester, but we went and I must say I have never felt so safe due to the police presence. Anyways enough about that evilness. This was SUCH a good traveling experience and I hope ab now knows that from now on we’ll be travelling more to get us prepared for our travelling round Europe together in years to come. (We thought we explore closer to home before going further afield) Get to see exactly what our continent has to offer. 

So… when Abbie asked me to write a guest post for her blog, I was a tad apprehensive as I didn’t know how it would be received for one, but also I just had no idea what to write (amazing isn’t it, you wouldn’t think it from how much I have babbled, for that I am sorry) but abbie gave me a few questions to answer and so here goes (I promise I’ll be quick).

Have we ever fell out?

Nope, Nada, Never.

If I could change one thing about Abbie what would it be?

Her happiness, if I could ensure that Ab was happy 99.9% of the time I would. It’s so hard to see someone who you look at not only as a best friend, but also as a sister , go through something so horrible and indescribable and not be able to do anything to help. 

Do I think Mine and Abbie’s friendship is a forever friendship?

Yes, Si, Oiu, yar. I hope she does too. 

Thanks for reading all my babble. 


L x

Ahhhhhh didn't she do so good! This girl manages to make me cry and laugh all in one post. Yes, she is stuck with me forever! 
Unfortunately we could not find our photoshoot photos so here are some photos that represent our friendship.

classical girl bathroom
We all love a cheeky
snapchat filter.

Share some of your best friend stories below.

Much love 



  1. I love the originality of the post! Although I must admit, as somebody who has Aspergers syndrome, I found it a little bit sad, as I find it hard to make and keep friends. May you remain friends forever x

  2. This is such a cute post! Love it! Friendship is something real and magical, it's hard to find a loyal long term friend. So happy to hear you have it! Fun post to read :)