Favourite Summer Drink!

What's better than a refreshing fruity drink when the sun is shining, absolutely nothing I tell you. Well this one is also alcoholic but not too strong to knock your head off. 

If you are from the UK you will know that recently the weather has been incredible, which is the motivation for this post. This is posted on Father's Day because the whole day has been spent outside in the sun, drinking this particular beverage. You could say this drink is a new or mixed up version of Pimms or Sangria but it is a personal favourite. 

So I mixed together
  • Half a bottle of Wine: I used Echo Falls Summer Berries (the choice is yours)
  • 25ml of Passoa 
  • Lemonade 
  • 25ml of Strawberry and Apple Cordial
Gave it a big ol' mix with a straw, added some ice cubes and then I put in some strawberries and cucumber (don't ask why, it just looks nice and fancy!)

I served it in wine glasses and my mum and dad pleasantly enjoyed a fair few glasses too. My dad said it tastes sophisticated, so that is a compliment right?

Tell me your favourite summer time drink that's a little bit different, as a treat. 

Much love 



  1. This sounds so tasty! I can't drink anything but water and ice in the summer 🙈

  2. Looks like such a good drink!! I don't drink alcohol but I'm gonna try this without!! x

    Shauna ||

  3. I love the idea of making new summer drinks especially cocktails and stuff. This sounds so nice and definitely up my street! I hope you had a lovely day in the sun!

    Ellie x

  4. oo sounds like a great summer cocktail! I love drinking anything fruity in summer!


  5. Ooh that sounds delicious!! I just drink way too many mojitos over summer haha!

  6. This literally sounds amazing I need to try it for summer nights! X

  7. This looks so nice and summery, what is possoa lol and where can I get this from xx

  8. Love this!! It looks amazing!! Will definitely be making this soon! I love a good summer drink!

    Megan Beth

  9. This sounds so nice, definitely going to have to try it! Can never go wrong with a fruity drink in the summer x

  10. I usually can't look past gin and tonics but this looks delicious! Will definitely be trying this next time the sun makes an appearance

    Jasmin x

  11. This sounds so refreshing & perfect for the summer nights! Ill definitely be making this. I haven't seen a cocktail blog post for ages either!

    Izzie x /

  12. Sangria is so good! I remember when I was living in Italy, we used to make our own and it was amazing! With fresh oranges! OMG! so perfect for summer! xx corinne

  13. Ooh that sounds lovely! I love a nice summer cooling drink in a beer garden and now one to make at home, even better!

    Hanney |

  14. This looks super refreshing. I am a sucker for a cocktail in summer. I usually just make my own based on whatever drinks and fruit I have available. It is a bit hit and miss.

  15. This looks so summery and refreshing. I'm a big fan of Sangria or frose!

    Kirsty | The Monday Project |

  16. I don't drink that much anymore but this looks delicious! Will pass on your recipe to my friends!

  17. How perfect would this be in the heat we're having! So refreshing <3

  18. I love a good cocktail! Frozen margaritas, pina coladas to a Bellini.

  19. This looks so summery! Perfect for BBQ's in the sunshine.

    Louisa |