All things Olympéa!

Smelling incredible is always the aim and a new perfume is always on someones list right? I am no different, no joke my birthday and christmas list had at least 5 different fragrances on. My lists ranged from all things Paco Rabanne, Gucci to Chanel.

The fragrance I am delving into in this post is the Paco Rabanne Olympea Eau de Parfum*. Which I was fortunate enough to get for my 21st Birthday, which you can see how I celebrated over here. I do already have a Paco Rabanne fragrance which is the Lady Million Prive which is also an absolute favourite of mine! I personally am not the biggest fan of the original Lady Million, I am more of a Prive girl myself, so I was so excited to have another Paco Rabanne fragrance to add to my collection. 

Now I am that idiotic basic forgetful, blogger who forgot to take a photo of the packaging but please believe me when I say it was everythinggggg! I was brought the gifts of this, so obviously this packaging is only available for the gift set but imagine how good that would be to have this whole package whenever you brought a perfume. It opened up at the front, in the middle where it parted and it had stairs leading up to the fragrance as if it was a prize, with wings coming out the sides, it was amazing! It wasn't any ordinary packaging of a bottle in a box, it was all worked out to show off each item perfectly; there was a whole concept. Within the gift set you get the 50ml Perfume and a 100ml Body Lotion. 

Let's start with the body lotion, it smells exactly like the perfume which I can only describe as being floral yet also with an essence of vanilla. I know that a lot of people usually think that a moisturiser in a gift set with a fragrance is never as good or is just a load of rubbish. Honestly this body lotion is soooo moisturising and the scent of it lasts so long. It doesn't make your skin super sticky or feel like it has not soaked in, it soaks into your skin straight away but keeps it hydrated, which is soooo good! 

Now the fragrance, ahhhhh I absolutely love it! I don't think I have ever been as in love with a fragrance before as I have with this one. They just got the scent so right! I love Paco Rabanne because it is always a different kind of scent but it has that signature aspect going through them all which I love. Like I mentioned with the body lotion, Olympéa has a floral aspect to the overall scent but then there is a hidden essence of vanilla and together the different components compliment each other so well. I love it because it is a fragrance you can wear all day through to night, it doesn't smell cheap and it is not like the smell disappears after an hour or so. It is an Eau De Parfum which usually means the scent will last around 3-4 hours or so but this one feels as though it lasts so much longer than that. As you can tell I am obsessed with this! 

Let me know your favourite fragrances!

Much love 


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  1. I'm not the biggest fan of perfume but this looks absolutely divine!


  2. This sounds like is smells amazing! I've never bought pricey perfume but this definitely sounds worth it!

  3. This perfume sounds so nice! I love perfume gift sets too, I love ones with a shower cream in usually but the moisturiser sounds lovely!

    Ellie x

  4. This scent sounds like something I would really like as I love floral perfume that also has vanilla, can't go wrong there! I'm definitely going to spritz some when I next go to Boots or the perfume shop! On top of all that, the packaging sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing x

  5. This so sounds like my kind of perfume! I love floral & vanilla scents, especially for Spring/Summer - another body lotion scent which doesn't fade is Lovely by SJP, absolutely heavenly! X Zahra

  6. I'm never normally one for Perfume, but every time I go into Boots, I can't help but smell Gucci - Flora, it's amazing!

  7. I've never tried this but it looks amazing! I'm all about that bottle and packaging haha.

  8. So proud of how far your blog has come Abbie! Absolutely loved this post! Want to get my hands on this sooo bad! Jess xx

    1. awwww jess! thank you so much lovely!! xx

  9. I've seen advertising for this perfume so many times on tv!
    Happy you love it:)

  10. Ooh this sounds amazing, I need to test it out! My forever favourite perfume is Armani Code! X

  11. Yes I have this's still sitting in the fancy gift box. I put photos on my Insta stories as soon as I got it. It is one of my favourite perfumes