Threads and Co. Flagship Store Launch!

Guys, I went to my first event and I took one of my best friends Laura! 

I attended the Threads and Co. Flagship Store Launch in Kensington, London. So as I am a girl from the Midlands, this obviously meant this soon turned into an all day affair. If we count outfit prepping, it was about a week long situation. With this being my first event and it involving a fair bit of travelling I did not really want to go alone, so Laura became my beautiful plus one (believe me her outfit decisions took longer than mine!)

The train journey there turned into a photoshoot with Laura apparently, the iPhone 7+ camera is just something else though!

The event was in Kensington and this place is beautiful enough itself but they could not of picked a better day for the event, the weather was incredible! All Laura and myself kept saying was that we felt as though we were on holiday walking to the event because we were dressed all summery and it was just so relaxing and lovely. 

The store had a unique concept being a coffee shop upstairs and the beauty treatments all happening downstairs. I mean what more do you need drinking coffee and being pampered? That's heaven! As far as I know every person there took a photo of this sign, 'good vibes only' is so true though. 
They had several refreshments at the launch including that of cans of water! Yes, cans that are resealable in both still and sparkling! I think we all ended up taking a can because we were so blown away by the concept of firstly water coming in cans but then the concept of being able to reseal them! This is brilliant! As well as the fancy water they had mini bottles of prosecco which Laura and I soon took an interest in!
At the launch you could have a variety of treatments for us to experience from getting eyelashes put on, to blowdrys with the Oribe products and having your nails painted to having sugar wax treatments. I had some Threads eyelashes put on in the style Sex Kitten and I absolutely loved them. 

They did also have a selfie board for instagram where we can take selfies and post them to get the event trending. I did attempt to have photos infront of the wall but I resembled a sweaty mess because apparently we picked the hottest day in the world to go to an event. Also the selfie wall was downstairs so maybe that meant it was hotter down there but the wall itself looked so pretty so I had to upload a photo of the wall, just without the sweaty mess that was myself in front of it. 

At the end of the event we got goodie bags which had several pairs of Threads lashes in there too, I got the styles Vava Voom and Emiloo Lashes. I did wear the Vava Voom pair the other night and I loved them, they have a natural look about them but just add length and slight volume. They are possibly my new favourite pair! 

As Laura and myself decided to make a day of this we did then go for food but on the way decide to try and take some nice photos and it felt only fair to add them in. 

We had such a lovely day at the event and thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the day with fellow bloggers. We met some of the nicest people there and shared social media links and have since continued to talk which is always lovely. 

The store is located at 256 Kensington High Street so go along and treat yourself!

Much love 



  1. This sounds so cool!! So glad you enjoyed yourself and congratulations on going on your first event. Do they have a website? X

  2. This looks like so much fun! A coffee shop & beauty salon? Count me in! Great photos you captured of the experience! Hope it was a memorable one!

  3. Wow, what a first event to go to.You looked like had a fab time, Chloe #TeacupClub