Surprise Candles! *

Anyone who knows me, knows I love candles. I just find them so therapeutic and relaxing, so when I heard about the Charming Candle Co., I was intrigued at this concept. Candles with a surprise, with jewellery, it just seems madness. One of their statements does state how the candles combine 3 key elements: Scent, Jewellery and the element of surprise and they are not joking, it literally combines all of those in such a good way, it is so exciting. 

The Charming Candle Co. was founded in 2017, so they are extremely new and that just makes this even more exciting, you just want to know what makes you different to anything else out there?! Firstly these are handmade! The company spend months perfecting the right recipe and they have most definitely achieved that! I have never come across a candle whose scent is so strong, I got the Vanilla one* and it is spot on, scent wise! Even my sister, who is also a lover of candles said 'this is the first candle, that you can really really smell it all the time'! I mean that is double approval of the scent of this specific candle and believe me, my sister is hard to please. 

The packaging I absolutely loved, the pattern on the sides of the box matched the pattern on the candle itself, which brought it all together lovely. It was classic, modern and timeless. It was interesting to look at and eye-catching but not overpowering and too extreme, it just hit the right balance of everything. 

I adore the fact that this candle is double wick because there is nothing I hate more than when a candle is single wick and it burns really well one side and you are left with an uneven candle, due to one side not being burnt away. The fact this candle is double wick ensures that you get an even steady burn and get to enjoy the whole candle. There was only one issue that arose for me and that was that the candle did start to burn one side of the glass, leaving black marks on it. This may be due to the fact that the window was open in the room where I based the candle, so it was the way that the wind was blowing but this did not distract away from the scent at all. 
Can we also just take a look at the glass aspect of the candle, I mean I have never seen a candle look so pretty in all my life. It is beautiful! They are really good sized candles too, mine is still burning away right now and the scent is still as strong as when you first light it, which is always a bonus. The perks of having a candle that looks this pretty is that you can literally put it anywhere and it will be noticed, it is a decorative statement as well as a way to make your home feel more homely.  

The bit you were all waiting for, lets talk surprises! 
There is a range of jewellery you could potentially get within your candle and honestly finding that gold package hidden in there is so exciting! A candle is enough of a treat but getting this little bonus is amazing! I love the fact that The Charming Candle Co. set out to give people that added surprise and treat every time they purchase and burn a candle, that is just the pick me up that someone may need that day. 

My little treat was this beautiful ring which has a silver band and then the gold flowers. I have never personally had a ring that sits either side of your finger without covering the top but I love this! It is a bit different and quirky and is actually so comfortable to wear. It is safe to say that the same amount of thought, time and effort went into creating and finding these surprises as it did the candle because the quality is so good! You do not put the ring on and think this looks like it will break or it looks cheap, it genuinely looks like a high-end, good quality product. 

So, my thoughts...
I have never come across a candle whose scent is this strong, the way it burns and the element of surprise is enough to put a smile on anyones face. All of the candles from the Charming Candle Co. are £35 each with Free UK delivery. Which some people may think is expensive compared to other candles out there but when you take into account how strong the scent is and the jewellery in it, it does end up a reasonable price for what you get. Also the candles can burn for over 60 hours!! 

So as you can tell, I have found a new favourite candle company and I am more than excited into figuring out what scent I want to try next!

If any of you would love to try one of these and see what surprise you get in your candle then you can purchase them from The Charming Candle Co.*

Let me know if you have tried this company before and your favourite scent of candle?

Much love


*This product was sent to me to review but these views are my own and this is an honest review.


  1. Candles and jewellery really is an interesting concept. Too bad I'm not from the UK so I don't think I'll be able to order these. I guess I'll just go window shopping on their website. :)
    And I love the ring. The flowers look very delicate and I love the combination of silver and gold. :)

  2. This is such a beautiful candle! And that ring is so lovely. I love a good candle so I need to get myself one of these!

    Tiffany x

  3. This is such a cool idea.. I love the surprise aspect to it! I'm obsessed with anything that smells like vanilla and the ring is so cute!


  4. I absolutely love candles and will be trying this out 💖 The ring is so pretty 😍 Great post!