Getting a Puppy - Part 2.

I'm guessing most of you reading this one, have read my first post about getting a pup! If you haven't there is a part 1 which you may want to read first! 

So my beautiful little pup ended up coming home early. SHE IS HOME! We weren't meant to get her until she was 8 weeks old but something happened at home and she ended up coming home early. I was at a place where I volunteer when I got the message and instantly rang my mum, as that seemed the best idea at the time. Obviously I was excited for her to be coming home but along with her coming home early becomes the worry of how young she is. My mum being the person she is obviously rang the vets straight away to check she would be okay to come home because she hadn't had any injections or anything. The vets reassured us everything would be okay and that we could take her in early for a check over and to have her first jab. 

The vets visit went really well, they said she was amazing and really healthy. I think I was more worried than her when it came to her first injection. She was so brave! She was fine when the injection actually happened but about 5 seconds later came the crying but she was really good and just wanted a big cuddle off me. 

As she was coming home early I thought she would whine a lot and and be a lot harder work than she is (I know I've probably spoke too soon!). Ever since the first night she came home, she slept ALL the way through the whole night! She honestly has been an angel and I have never been more in love. 

Obviously she is a puppy so she is not toilet trained at all but she has barely made a sound in the way of whining or barking. She gives a whimper if she wants some cuddles but she gets enough attention of us all. She gets herself into bed when she is tired and is so cute. She does love to nip and have a nibble on your fingers or toes but we get that she's teething. She has enough toys to chew on anyway. 

It is honestly like having a child and I do consider her my baby. I don't think I have ever told anyone how much I love them the amount I have told her I love her in the past few days. I honestly feel as though my life is now complete. 

I hope you enjoy looking at her little face as much as I do. 

Much love 



  1. She is so cute! I can understand what you mean with her being like a child when I got my kitten he would wake me up all hours of the night and needed so much care x

  2. Such an adorable little pup! Glad to hear she's all healthy and good! I remember when my dog was a little baby puppy, practically fit into my hand!

  3. Oh my days how super cute. If he cant put a smile on your face at the end of the day I do not know what will! x
    Lola Mia //

  4. Omg she is adorable! So jel I'd love a puppy!x
    Eleanor x

  5. OMG that is the cutest little puppy I think i've ever seen! What have you named the pup? All that has been on my mind recently has been about getting a pet haha