Cruelty Free, Vegan Friendly Makeup Brushes ft. DISCOUNT CODE!

I have always been a Real Techniques brush lover and I never imagined benching them completely because they do every job you could need them to do. 
This was until Indy Luxe came along.
They currently have two sets: Pink Pearlescent Unicorn Brushes which are £22.00 and the Rose Gold Brushes £28.00. Both sets are beautiful, I currently have the Rose Gold set and am already fighting the urge to buy the Pink Pearlescent Unicorn ones!! 

Both sets are filled with 8 brushes which in itself is a complete bargain for the price because some brands you can pay £20+ for one brush!! With my discount code the Pink Pearlescent Unicorn Brushes will be less than £20, for 8!! Also additional bonus they are cruelty free, which always makes you feel better about what you are using on your face. 

The handles or stem of the brushes you never really think about being an important factor to a brush but once you have used these, you do realise how different it is to use a textured stem. It gives you an additional grip and it feels comfortable to hold and use. The brushes themselves are insanely soft and when using them none of the hairs fall out or leave tracks in your face, which no one wants anyway. 

This fan brush is a personal favourite, I mean everyone loves highlighter right? What better way to apply your highlighter than with this brush, it is the perfect size for your cheekbones! It's not too dense or too fine, so it allows you to apply the perfect amount of product on your skin without having to go over it over and over again, yet is not too big that it ends up going everywhere.

The brushes are a steal of a bargain anyway especially for a cruelty free set of 8 so I'm sure they will sound even better with discount!

You can get 20% off ALL brushes with the code ABBWHI20 which can be applied at the checkout!

Much love 



  1. Ahhh these look amazing, so beautiful! I love the unicorn design - your blog is beautiful too! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

  2. ah these look wonderful! and it is so good that they are cruelty free - i'm trying to buy more cruelty free products these days!

  3. Cruelty free, reasonably priced AND beautiful?!
    These brushes are amazing. Such a sleek design.

    Louisa |