Initial thoughts when you first mention Benidorm go straight away to the program. The term trampy may get thrown in there, people may think it is a dump. You may be right but there is also the complete opposite of this there too. Have you ever thought to go and look? of course not you are put off by the program. Let's just say it is a lot nicer than you could imagine and i'll explain that now. 

What's the bet you didn't imagine to see skies like this in Benidorm in April? 
Well surprisingly it is somewhere that around Easter you can bag nice weather. Every day we were there the weather was incredible, around 23-25 degrees Celsius every day, if not hotter, beats the UK weather right? There may be a breeze at night but if the weather is hot in the day you can let them off with that because no one is trying to tan at night. 

I'm not going to lie to you and say that before I went to Benidorm the first time I didn't have them preconceived ideas of it being a dump because I did but I was most definitely changed after I visited. There are parts where if you are wanting the party side that you will definitely not be disappointed, heard of Sticky Vicky? Yeah she is there, I am not going into that now because I will scar you all for life. But honestly, Benidorm really does cater for everyone.

You want a break, you want some sun, you want a beach, you want nice food, a bit of nightlife...Benidorm answers all. It's not everyone first choice but honestly it does meet your holiday needs. I did not imagine that I would be walking round in shorts in April but I did every day and it was too hot all you wanted to do was jump in the pool or sea. I will say the pool and sea were absolutely freezing but it was that hot I needed to get in. The pool at our hotel was full with people all the time which you don't normally see at this time of year but this year it was surprising hot everyone was in there. 

I was in desperate need of a holiday, my life had been very stressful and it had been at an unbelievably low stage for far too long. A holiday was just what I needed, I was a bit nervous to go thinking it would stress me out even more due to not getting any work done but it turned out to be just what I needed. Since coming back I have felt completely refreshed, yes I have not been at University, Work or Placement over this time either so it has been a complete break but to feel refreshed and okay for a week was amazing for me.

I have always been an absolute lover of the beach, the sand, the sea and all the creatures. I am a proper water baby, I love being in the sea or the pool and when I was younger I would never want to come out of the pool. I swear this means I am a mermaid right? There is nothing I love more than being in the sea and looking down and seeing the fish swimming round my feet. This was something I got to witness again in Benidorm, you could just be stood with the sea up to your ankles and you could see fish around you. I love seeing them at home, swimming round together. 

Benidorm is one of my favourite places to see all different people from all walks of life, yet they are all completely enjoying themselves and that is what a holiday is about right? You get the people that are on stag or hen parties, whilst there also being families and elderly people there. In Benidorm you will without fail find someone your age there. I love walking round and seeing everyone smiling and enjoying themselves and just forgetting whatever is going on back home. It is as though everyone is escaping together and that is lovely.

I would love to know if any of you have been to Benidorm and your thoughts on it? 
Also what are your favourite getaways?

Much love


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