The End of a Chapter - PLL

So the end is near and if you are anything like me you will also not be ready.

My friends actually introduced me to this when I was at college and I think I was late to the party by about a season or two but don't you worry I managed to catch up in literally a few weeks! I was obsessed and then made my mum watch it and she became just as obsessed as me. When it came to the stage when we knew that we were finding out who A was, she would text me because she would always manage to watch the episode before me because I was at college. She'd message me like 'not found out today but it's a good episode'. I used to get so scared looking at the message incase she told me something that happened, sometimes I'd avoid opening it until after I watched it. 

No joke I have re-watched it from start to finish at least 3 or 4 times now and it is still not enough for me. Every single time I think oh it could be them (then remember they are probably dead!) or I end up with more questions but each time I always forget something and then fall in love with it all over again.


I have fell in love with characters and relationships, the original relationships are by far my favourite (personal opinion! I know some of you out there are really loving Caleb and Spencer!).
Hanna and Caleb! Toby and Spencer! Aria and Ezra! Emily and Paige!
The Christmas Episode when they are all together as couples! I LOVE IT, IT'S SOO CUTE!
As soon as Hanna and Caleb broke up I was praying they would get back together, they are my all-time favourite. When we found out what really happened between them I legit cried, she went back and he was gone! I was balling! 

I genuinely never thought about how much time I have spent over the years watching PLL, it must at least be like a whole year of my life! BUT what am I meant to do when it's over, I can't just keep rewatching it for the rest of my life, I need more! Fair enough, yes I need answers but I am not emotionally ready for it all to end.

The big question though who is Uber A!! I am going to be soooo annoyed if it is one of the girls, one of the boyfriends or a family member! If it is, it needs to be explained properly, which if it is the plot I have no doubt it will be executed perfectly but noo it can't be! 

This series has made me laugh, made me cry, it has made me feel all sorts of emotions. Not going to lie wouldn't you love a group of friends like that! I would love a group of friends where we go kick ass and do all that secretive detective stuff! I'd love to S.O.S someone (I have definitely done this with my friends!). I am definitely one of them fans that now when something happens I'm always like 'maybe its A' and today me and my mum saw a red coat somewhere and shouted look PRETTY LITTLE LIARS! IT'S RED COAT!

I am so not ready for this to come to an end! 
Who is your favourite character or relationship and please tell me you are obsessed as me?!

Much love 


This post is definitely going to be updated constantly because I will no doubt re-watch it again! 


  1. Oh I am utterly addicted to PLL and I can't believe there are only 10 more episodes left. I love Ezra and Aria and Spencer and Toby! I want it to end with them happy together and with kids... like the Gossip Girl conclusion style

  2. I feel like I'm missing out so much when I read posts / tweets about PLL because it has totally passed me by! Perhaps I need to start watching it, but if the ending gets ruined for me on social media before I've even stared watching, I think I might be a bit annoyed hehe! thanks for sharing!

    Abbey 🌟

  3. I feel like I'm the only person who hasn't seen it! Is on Netflix, I have Netflix, I have no excuse! I must start watching it

    Tasha x

  4. I keep holding my breath waiting to see if they actually properly explain it or not... every time they get close to an answer its like they have laughed at us as they continued the story frame... We need answers!!!!

    Britt |