My Go-To Boots

So every girl has a favourite pair of shoes that they always turn to right? Their go-to pair of shoes. 
Well so do I. 

Mine are this pair of River Island black leather boots. 

I literally wear these with everything, jeans, dress or skirt and tights, everything! 
They are the perfect balance for a more casual affair or if you want to dress them up. They can literally take you from day to night. Plus they are sooo comfy, bonus
I used to wear these when I used to dance and that was where I found out about these babies, that I have held onto for years! I don't think I can ever get rid of them.

Honestly, I love these and they are starting to show just how much I have wore these to death, so maybe they need replacing soon but I will never be without a pair of these!

I'm sure most of you have a pair of these too right?

What are you favourite pair of shoes?

Much love 


old ass photo,
my bad!


  1. I love boots, they can be worn with almost anything!

  2. Gorgeous boots, I had a pair of Timbalands that I could literally wear all year round with everything if I couldn't decide on anything else :)

  3. Super cute booties! I feel like I can't pull off these type of shoes lol. My shoes consist of tennis shoes for the gym, winter boots, and sandals. I love the gladiator styled sandals!

  4. lovely boots!!

  5. These boots are gorgeous! My go-to shoes are a pair of boots too and they're so comfy. Don't wanna give them up for summer! xo

  6. I have a pair of boots from boohoo and I am exactly the same! They go with every single outfit and are so comfy - definitely found a winner!x

    Sarah |

  7. These boots are really nice! I used to have go-to boots too but the heels were super high and at one point I juste stopped wearing it. That's shame coz they were amazing! I have few other pairs but I wear them left often. xx corinne

  8. I dont but have always wanted to. I have my furry boots as my feet are always cold and ny wedged trainers! X
    Lola Mia //