My 21st!

I turned 21 guysss!

So honestly, I can not believe I am 21. This now means I am an adult officially, right? Aaaah responsibility! 

This post is not listing what I got for my birthday but it is instead going to tell you how I celebrated. 

My actual birthday was on a Friday, I was off University, Placement and Work which already made it amazing! My parents were off work too and my sister had a late start so it was a proper lovely family day, which is rare because we are always soooo busy! 

So I woke up and my parents had laid all my presents out and made the house all cute with balloons and banners. So I opened my presents which like I said I will not be explaining in this post but just know I loved them all! 
We had a lovely breakfast, my parents made pancakes, we had croissants, fruit it was lovely! We are never up and eating at the same time in the morning, I normally eat alone so this was special!
I had visitors throughout the day so I got to see members of my family that I don't always get to see and those moments itself made it special. 
In the evening my family and I went out for a meal at The Whitestone and it was everythingggggg! Just if anyone is interested I had Cajun Spiced Rump Steak with Lime Chilli Coriander Butter and Sweet Potato Fries. Yummmmm!
My Aunty, Uncle, little Cousins and my Grandparents were there, it was lovely to spend time with family and I think nowadays these kind of moments are few and far between. 

Friday Outfit! 

Soo Saturday was an early one, a right ol' early start and it started on a train to Euston! I was getting to spend time with some of my favourite people and I was so excited. Once we had all made it to Euston and were finally reunited after what felt like forever the celebrations began! 
We went to Jamie's Italian, shared a bottle of Rose and I got to indulge into a lovely Prawn Linguine! 
The next and most interesting part of my birthday consisted of being locked in a room for 60 minutes trying to escape, quite literally. We did an Escape Room in London, called Breakin' Escape Rooms...IT WAS AMAZING! It was so much fun and a great bonding exercise, haha! 
Breakin' Escape Rooms have different themed rooms and you can pick your level of difficultly and what theme you are most interested in. We did a Sci-Fi based room and it was a 4 out of 5 level of difficulty! It definitely was not easy but we want to go back and do them all! 

Breakin' Escape Rooms - London

A birthday with my friends would not be compete without a night out and for half of us this was our first night out in London. Tube journeys in the evening for me was a right new experience, I witnessed people throwing up out the window and all sorts, disgusting right! Honestly except for the pain that my new shoes caused me I had the most amazing night! 

Saturday Outfit!
I am so grateful for everyone that made my birthday special! I appreciate every single person in my life and I could not of asked to spend it with a better bunch of people. 

I am so lucky!

Much love



  1. First of all Happy Birthday! It sounds like you didn so many great things. I've always wanted to do one of those panic rooms they seem so much fun. Also I'm a major fan of Jamie's Italian the food is just great!

    1. Only just seen your reply!
      Thank you so much! honestly the panic room was incredible, so much fun! & Jamie's is so good!

  2. Happy 21st! Looks like to you have awesome one!
    Sam xox