Champneys: Heavenly Days Relaxing Bubble Heaven Review.

So I've recently been to a Spa and wished I could keep going back! The products they use and just the whole feel of it, it's so relaxing! I may do a blog post on my Spa day if you would be interested?! 
I always wanted to feel like I was in a Spa at home but never knew which products would give me that feeling. 

My first stop was The Original Champneys Health Spa range. 

I have used their range once before but it was a long time ago so I thought I would give it a revisit. 
The product I have given a go is the 'As Good As New Heavenly Days Relaxing Bubble Heaven'. 

This is a new product for me, have never tried it before and honestly I would definitely use it again. It smells incredible and when you see the product inside it looks almost glittery! It is gold in colour and that makes it look more of a luxury product, I think. So that itself already makes you feel a bit better about yourself when you put something like that in your bath. It also leaves your skin feeling so soft and smooth and doesn't dry it out which can sometimes be an issue with other products. 

Also Champneys products ALWAYS look incredible. The packaging is ALWAYS super cute and looks so 'high end', it's so classy. It looks like a luxury product and I always think the packaging looks too good to throw away. This packaging did not disappoint! Purple is one of my favourite colours and with the gold rim round the lid, the different font styles and shades, it looks beautiful. 

Once again, another packaging that I wish I could just keep for decoration (I might do that!). 

Price wise I wouldn't say the product is too expensive but then it is also not cheap. This product is £8 for 500ml, but it really is a quality product. It is more than I normally spend on bath products but with this one you don't need a lot to create bubbles and that relaxing atmosphere, unlike some others where to create any sense of bubbles you need half a bottle. I am hoping this means that the product will last longer but I can keep you updated on that. 

This is a product I will definitely go to again and it has made me want to try out the rest of the brand. 
What are your thoughts on Champneys?

Much love 



  1. I've never tried Champneys before but my aunt loves them and I bought my boyfriend a set of theirs for Christmas and he seems to enjoy it. I'm thinking of tryig one of their products but it's difficult to know where to start! Their packaging is absolutely to die for by the way - total heart eye emojis all round!!!
    Elen x

  2. Anything bubble bath related is right up my alley. I sometimes receive Champney's at Christmas time as gifts and their products have never disappointed.

    Alice // alicemaysnell

  3. The packaging is gorgeous, you could definitely use it as decoration! You could use it as a make-up brush holder or something, or to keep hair grips or bobbles in, I've got a box that I use for stuff like that because I couldn't bear to throw it away haha :) x