First things first (I'm the realest! yes I just did that...) this post is not sponsored, these opinions are my own. 

Sooooo, I adventured to Bicester Village and happened to stumble across the Levi's shop and obviously that meant I needed to go inside. 

I have been wanting one of the wool lined denim jackets for agessssss. I am aware other brands do them too and I have also looked at those. BUT the second I tried this on, I fell in love. 
As stupid as it may seem with it being lined with something cosy, I never imagined it to be as warm and snuggly as it was. It is SO warm. You can literally wear something really thin underneath it and you are definitely warm enough to conquer the day ahead. 

I mean look at that wool lining inside, cooooooosy!!

Having this jacket, I'm not going to lie has turned me into a major culprit of double denim. I currently have only committed the so called double denim crime on different coloured denims, so like black jeans and this jacket. That's acceptable right
Tbf, if you like double denim on the same or different denim's just do it because I would with this jacket, I love it

I also purchased a white Levi's t-shirt, which I must say looks fabulous underneath this jacket. 
It is not too short or too long, it is just the right length to wear with jeans, leggings anything! It is good quality too and not see-through which is always a positive, right
The printing on the front is distressed which is something I really like about it, it just adds something extra a bit different, which I appreciate. 

Soooooooo, they are the two items I purchased and I love them
Also the store I went to accepted student discount which is always bloomin' fabulous when you save money!!

Psst, here I have paired both items with a pair of Topshop Mom jeans, which I love and have in blue and black. I love wearing this t-shirt tucked into my jeans with a belt but on more casual days I also love to have it out and more free. 
(I am aware you can't see the wool lining in this photo but it is there and sooo soft!)

So basically, yeah I love my new Levi's purchases.
Let me know if you guys have any Levi's products you love.

Much love



  1. Ummm I need this outfit like now please! That jacket sounds amazing (I always get too cold when wearing my denim jacket unless it's really warm out, so this would be perfect), and it looks so good paired with that t-shirt! Excuse me while I head to the nearest Levi's... xx

  2. That jacket is gorgeous! And I love that shirt as well. Also, I totally wear double denim with black jeans and a blue distressed denim jacket haha!

  3. Oh I have always wanted a levis denim jacket they are so nice especially with vans or kickers but for some reason I just settled for a new look one, this might now have to change as you look great in it! Plus absolutely bonus for you with student discounts ❤️

    Paige Louise - Xxxx

  4. The jacket is amazing! So gorgeous! I really want a denim jacket too! I think they are really cool and look so comfy! I really love Levi's too! The quality is amazing! Like I had a pair of jeans for 5 years before I had to throw it away. Five years, can you imagine?! xx Corinne

  5. Oh my god I just adore this jacket I think I am in love! I had some jeans and they are the best! X
    Lola Mia //