What Would I Tell a 15 Year Old Me.

I saw the hashtag on twitter #WhatWouldITella15YearOldMe and thought I could never fill it all in in 140 characters. 
So I thought why not make a blogpost about it and see what others have to say too, so for this I would like to tag 2 friends of mine to write what they would tell their 15 year old self. 
So I am going to tag Katie and Becky

It's okay not to be okay. 
Everyone has to experience love, heartbreak, happiness, sadness, anger, jealousy, etc. 
It is more than okay to feel these things and when you do it is okay to fully feel them with everything you have. You should never feel as though you need to apologise for feeling something. Also, the people that mean the most to you will never make you feel as though you need to apologise.

Also, it is okay to make change. You don't have to know the right things to do all the time and you don't have to stick with one thing all the time. 
You want to change what you want to do in life? that's okay. 
You want to change your friends? that's okay too.
You want to get out of a relationship/friendship? that's okay too.
You want to change your course at college/university? that's okay too.
If you aren't happy doing something or being involved in something, then get yourself out of it. Don't be afraid to change something that has been familiar for so long. 
The thing that is worse is regretting not doing something. 

Don't worry about being different. You never want to spend your life trying to be like other people. Don't be a clone, be yourself because there is no one else like you and that's what makes you special.

Some friends aren't forever. 
Some friendships are only temporary but you never want to be someones temporary.
Sometimes don't be the person to text first, let them text first and see if they make the effort. If you realise you are always the person making the effort with them, stop it for a while and find out if they feel the same. 

Overall, don't waste your time or energy on people that don't deserve it. Spend it on people that do deserve it and that will give you the same back. 



Don't waste time being unhappy. Unhappiness is something that is a waste of energy. But if you do at any point feel like that, remember positives, remember good times. 
Remember, everything happens for a reason. for it, you might find the paradise within.

Much love 



  1. Aw this post is lovely! I would tell myself a lot of the same things❤

    Terri -

  2. Such a lovely post!! Xx

  3. Brilliant post!
    Sam xox

  4. Such a lovely post! A great read! I love your point "If you aren't happy doing something or being involved in something, then get yourself out of it." So fitting to my situation at the moment! This post lifted me up, great post!
    Lois x

  5. Such a lovely personal post! It's so important to reflecybso we can learn from our mistakes. I too wish I put my happiness first at times xx