Skincare and Make Up

I'll be the first to admit my skincare routine has never really existed, i was always too lazy.

Since working in my new job skincare has became something I really wanted to get involved in. So for Christmas obviously there was some products on there and that was the birthing of my love for skincare. 

Now I know you'll all be thinking its been like a week, how can you love something that quick when it is an ongoing process but no joke my skin has felt amazing. 

So the brand I decided to indulge into was No.7. 

Few reasons - I have sensitive skin and a lot of the products (if not all!) are hypo-allergenic, which is just what is needed for sensitive skin. 
- I know its a well known brand and with the creams, serums, etc. they are all age ranged and designed for specific types of skin and problems. 
- They DON'T test on animals! 

The products I have been using recently are the No.7 Beautiful Skin Day and Night cream, which is for Normal/Dry skin. 

I have also been using the No.7 Beautiful Skin Pore Minimising Serum for all skin types as across my nose I suffer from quite exposed pores. The pore minimiser also states how it can be a base for your make up, bonus! 
The Pore Minimising Serum states to use twice a day and follow by the No.7 creams. 

So, as they are stated one is for the day and the other for the night so it is easily fitted into your routine. I believe the night cream is slightly stronger than the day one only because it has longer to soak into your skin whilst you are catching up on the zzzz's. 

So i never knew how bad make up wipes were until i spoke to one of the make up girls at work. Unless you use roughly 7 make up wipes at a time your face is still dirty, how gross because i bet no one uses 7 a time! Also if you suffer from dry skin make up wipes will only make that worse. So my alternative to make up wipes is now the No.7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Water for Normal/Dry Skin. No joke this stuff is amazing! Whether your eye make up is water proof or not this stuff gets it off better than any wipes! It gets all your make up off and gets into your pores to make sure they are nice and clean. HUGELY RECOMMEND!

These products feel so good on your face and are super lightweight and leave your skin feeling brand new! 

Make Up
So i am nowhere near slating any other foundation because i like all my previous ones for several reasons but i wanted to try something new. 
No.7 have a massive range of foundations all for different skin types and for whatever purpose you want it for. I like a matte finish on my foundation so i decided to go for the Beautifully Matte Foundation for Medium to Full coverage (This is also available in a lighter coverage too!). I am used to foundations feeling quite heavy on my face and it was a massive surprise as to how light this feels on your face. It genuinely does not even feel as though you are wearing foundation it is amazing! Also it is a right bargain, as it is not even expensive!! 

Next, i have always suffered from rosy cheeks, no matter what make up i put on or how many layers it will always come off on my cheeks first and they will be back to being rosy! I have found the PERFECT product! A green primer, like literally green! When you apply it, you genuinely will at first think you look a bit like Shrek or Elphaba but wait until it is blended in. As it is at the opposite end of the colour spectrum to the redness of the cheeks it balances it out and makes it normal skin colour, HOW AMAZING! All of my problems have totally been sorted with this primer! As it is a primer as well as a colour balancing wizard it works super well at keeping your make up on as well as helping to coat/fill any pores enabling you to have a smooth canvas to then apply your make up. 

Finally, an under eye concealer is always a must in any make up bag and for me it is no different. The No7 Instant Radiance Under Eye Concealer*  is amazing. It is one of the pens where you click the end and it comes through the hairs of the brush. It is definitely a quality over quantity product, as you need the smallest amount and it covers every under eye blemish and darkness perfectly. It may seem as though you have literally nothing on your face when applying but honestly as soon as you blend it in every blemish or darkness under your eyes has gone. 

These make up products have totally changed my life and my face!

Let me know your skincare and make up routine in the comments below!

Much love 


*affiliated link!


  1. I admit I'm too lazy as well for a skincare routine, glad I'm not the only one haha. I've never tried the No. 7 product line but I have definitely heard about it! Great post - maybe I'll give it a try!

    1. haha glad I've got company in that area! I hadn't but it honestly is really good! let me know if you do!

  2. I really love the pore minimising serum. Let me know if you do a full review on it because it sounds great!
    Jen, Velvet Spring. xo

    1. Ah it's good isn't it! Thank you, that could be something I do?

  3. I've been using a skincare routine from Clinique but it's quite expensive to buy all the products every time they finish so this might be a alternative for me! Xx

    1. Ah i've never tried the Clinique, I can imagine it to be more expensive! That is one perk is No.7 isn't too pricey! Let me know if you decide to try it out xx

  4. A skincare routine can get quite expensive depending on what brand you use. I'm kind of all over the place using a bunch of different brands but I've never tried No 7 before. Thanks for sharing this. (:

    Single Vegas Girl

  5. My sister uses no7 products but I've never tried them before! Might have to go check them out now! Great post!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  6. I LOVE the No7 beautiful skin day cream. Makes such a good base for makeup too! ❤ x

  7. I'm too lazy for a proper skin care routine! I'll find myself on track with it one day and the next day I can't be bothered!
    Sam xox